Archaeologists Uncover Movie Set From 90 Years Ago

In Guadalupe, California, a team of archaeologists unearthed an old Hollywood movie set in a desert. The movie set was found to be from 90 years ago. One of the most stunning artefacts is a sphinx made of plaster, which can be found in The Ten Commandments; a popular silent film from 1923. The sphinx of plaster can be found in the Egyptian city that was depicted in the film.

Doug Jenzen, the executive director of Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center, believes that the items discovered on the set were some of the most refined props ever created. Advanced technology and special movie effects such as CGI had not yet been formed during that time period, and so prop makers had to build huge and detailed objects for the movie like the sphinxes.

The largest sphinx prop, which has been described as the highlight of the movie set, possesses an impressive height of 12 stories, as well as measuring 720 feet across. The sphinx looks very much like a real one, proving that the movie producers and the prop makers went through great efforts to make sure everything in the movie was as realistic as possible.

The sphinxes and some of the other props were first created in Los Angeles. Then, they were sent to Guadalupe, which is a distance of around 165 miles.

Archaeologists Uncover Movie Set From 90 Years AgoWhen the archaeologists discovered the large sphinx of plaster, it was heavily weathered and eroded because it was hidden far down beneath the sand dunes. Now, the archaeologists who found it are making an effort to remove other uncovered props from the ground as soon as possible. They are in a fragile condition and might disintegrate at any time.

Unfortunately, the sphinxes eventually fell apart. This is because they are hollow inside, and the lack of stability within them along with weakness from erosion caused them to collapse. M. Colleen Hamilton of Applied EarthWorks has stated that it is the mission of him and his team to rescue the sphinxes before any more damage comes to them.

The movie site has slowly been worn away over time, and archaeologists are striving to find and save the rest of the props before they disappear completely.
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