Adolf Hitler’s art sold for a whopping $161,000 at auction

Adolf Hitler is a well-known German political leader and the leader of the Nazi party during the period 1933-1945. He was a cruel dictator who was responsible for launching the World War II and he has got the blood of millions of innocent lives on his hands. This is what the majority of us already know about him.
Adolf Hitler’s art sold for a whopping $161,000 at auction

But little did we know that Hitler, as a young man, was an aspiring artist. He had sought admission to an art school, the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but he had been rejected. He has nonetheless created his artworks although it is considered to be of a rather poor quality. According to experts, the art works by Hitler has been deemed to have very limited artistic merit.

In light of recent events, a watercolor painting accredited to Adolf Hitler has been sold at an auction held in Germany. The painting is of the city hall of Munich and it has been painted back in 1914. The painted was put up for the auction by two elderly women who are sisters. It was their grandfather who had bought the painting back in 1916.

Adolf Hitler’s art sold for a whopping $161,000 at auctionThe auction was held at the auction house of Nuremberg, the central town of Germany. The bidders were from all over the world. Buyers coming from four different continents had shown interest in the art work. The art was signed ‘A. Hitler’ by Adolf Hitler at the back of the painting. It was sold to a private Middle Eastern buyer, who wishes to remain unnamed, for an extravagant amount of 130,000 Euros (equivalent to $161,000 and £103,000). The director of the auction house, Kathrin Weidler said that the painting was sold with its original bill which had a part in contributing to the extremely high bid.

The previous sales regarding Adolf Hitler’s art have been controversial with the public with a few of the relatives of the Holocaust survivors criticizing the act.
The two elderly sisters are reportedly going to donate 10 percent of the proceeds received by the immensely successful auction to a charity which helps disabled children.
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