A Wisconsin couple never had fight in 75 Years!!!!

Time to Upgrade our Life


Let’s assume that you got a prize money of around thousand bucks (NOW one will say if we are assuming than why don’t we think about millions, Yes obviously you can but it’s not the point now),  now when you are single it’s easy to just spend it in what you like or save it (Choice is yours). But when you are married it’s not quite same (Obviously!!!), as almost all married couple has this problem “DIFFERENCE IN OPINION”. Actually using word “Problem” is not quite right here as everyone has different thinking and leads to difference in opinion. Yet this difference in opinion leads to an argument which leads to a Fight (NOW this is a problem!!!) cause this type of several fights can lead towards breaking the relation someday (Sometimes or I wish Never), This is quite general opinion that most of the married or in a relation couple has in their life.

But what if I tell you in this era when we have the example of married couple are getting divorce in 1 or 2 months (Or in weeks may be!), One couple is claiming that they did not have an argument in last 75 years of marriage!!!! 

A couple from Wisconsin is claiming that they have never had an argument in their 75 years of married life! Hard to believe Right? Arlene and Richard Baughman were married in 1940, before two years when Richard was drafted to serve in World War II. They met in a movie date with friends, and had six children eventually. After 75 years Arlene still wears her original wedding ring.

timedotcom.files.wordpress.comThrough this all time the couple claims that they have not had fight, they said if they had differences they just talk about it. Arlene said they have always said that they did not have any dishes or shoes to throw because they could not afford it, so they had to get along! (Source: WNYT)

Many of the readers will say Not Possible and such, but why to judge them? Not going too deep in to this, we should upgrade our life goals. Most of all I like the thinking that why to fight when we can solve it by talk.

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