8 shocking truths about burgers that you should know

Junk food is full of grease, oil, salt, concentrated dressings and synthetic ingredients. When saying these truths, it seems that nobody might prefer a combo in a fast food restaurant rather than a home-cooked meal. But let's be honest, we occasionally give ourselves a byte of this type.
8 shocking truths about burgers that you should know

1. The biggest burger in the world is made with almost a kilo of meat

8 shocking truths about burgers that you should knowThe "Quadruple Bypass Burger" is the biggest burger in the world, and it is served in a restaurant in Las Vegas, United States. Its creators define it as "nutritional pornography". It contains of 4 patties of 225 grams, 3 tablespoons of lard, 20 slices of bacon, 8 slices of cheese, 20 caramelized onion rings, 8 slices of tomato, a spoonful of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of tomato sauce, a tablespoon of mustard and of course, the bread. In total, it has about 10,000 calories, something like the amount needed for 5 full days of an average person.

2. The world's most expensive burger costs the same as your car

The burgers are usually low-cost food. However, some a la carte restaurants have attempted to refine this dish by adding really expensive ingredients. The world's most expensive burger is the "USocial.net anniversary burger" and is priced at $ 10,000. So, what is going into this special burger?  

8 shocking truths about burgers that you should know

Well, among other subtleties, the meat is cut from pigs raised on a special diet based almost entirely on acorns.
8 shocking truths about burgers that you should know
3. Soy burgers are worse than meat burgers

Fast food restaurants wanted to adapt their products to different audiences who wanted to incorporate and they slowly introduced salads and all kinds of alternatives to traditional burgers preparations. In some Mc Donald's we can find even vegetable beef burgers. They are very similar to those of normal meat. However, they are far from healthy replacement for the burgers and the soy is produced with hexane, which is a waste of refined fuel.

4. Burgers from commercials are raw -

Why do hamburgers look so appetizing on television, and they are so disappointing in real life? The truth is that there are some tricks to make them look bigger and succulent. They look great in commercials because they are not fully cooked and ingredients like onion, tomato and pickles are supported with cardboard and sticks inside the burger. In addition, obviously, the images are retouched with all kinds of digital tools.
8 shocking truths about burgers that you should know

5. Mc Donald's handling of economic policy

The Big Mac index was created by "The Economist" to measure and compare inflation levels between countries. The idea is to compare the prices at which the same burger is sold in each country. It is clear that some production costs vary, but results are based on the assumption that there is a standard product that can serve as an indicator to evaluate the macroeconomic performance of countries.

6. In Japan, bread is made with coal -  

The "Kuro Burger" from Burger King in Japan is created as a hamburger prepared in black bread. And no, it's not regular bread, because it is completely black. The bread used in the "Kuro Burger" contains bamboo charcoal. But that's not all. The same ingredient was also added to the cheese. Do you still find it tasty
8 shocking truths about burgers that you should know

7. You can prepare a human meat burger -  

What was missing? Delusions of Hannibal Lecter? Can you imagine how does human flesh taste? The British chef James Thomlinson did a lot of research about the components of human flesh and its similarities with some common foods. Finally, Thomlinson arrived with the recipe and shared it with the world. Do you dare to try it?

8 shocking truths about burgers that you should know8. The first burger in the world did not have dressings -  

There is much controversy about the origin of hamburgers. One of the most accepted version dates from 1900, in Connecticut, when the house of Louis Lassen served meals to workers who were passing by. It was grounded beef with tomatoes and onions between pieces of bread. After that, the product was improved and diversified in a lot of varieties and ingredients. However, the Lassen family continues its tradition and serves only beef burgers with tomato and onion, without any other seasoning

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