101st Anniversary of Traffic Light

Today, I mean 5th August is something uniquely important. It’s the anniversary of something which we all know, we all come across in day to day life. (Don’t check list of birthdays) It’s the day when world’s first electric Traffic Signal was installed.


Yes, it’s kind of peculiar being used everywhere but yet we don’t know the history of it (At least I did not!!)  The world’s first Traffic signal was put in Ohio on the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th street in Cleveland. 

101st Anniversary of Traffic Light In earlier days before 1914 (The year when this signal was installed in Ohio) navigating roads were chaotic experience, being pedestrians, horses, cars as well as bicycles all competing on the road ways. The effective problem was eliminated at some extent as the horse carriages were disappearing from the road. Yet before the WW1 it was necessary to use some traffic regulatory system for controlling such chaos. 

It is yet debatable about who and where the first invention of traffic signal been invented.  As in London (at around 1868) there was a system of semaphore arms that extended horizontally to signal stop and 45 degree to signal caution. Yet inventor Garrett Morgan has been given credit for inventing the traffic signal based on his T shaped design (Which was patented in 1923 and later sold to General Electric)

So, it’s quite interesting that we all come across the traffic signal and never bothered that the history behind the Traffic signal would be this interesting (It is!! Don’t you think?)

We can see Google Doodle on the 101st anniversary of the Traffic Light.
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