Weirdest Musical Genres that will make your ears go crazy

For music enthusiasts who are bored of mundane genres of music playing everywhere here are a few musical genres that will surely fascinate you enough.

  • Burger Highlife

The name Burger Highlife itself is weird. Music redefined in the presence of an up-tempo guitar beat, coupled with jazz horn-led sound, and use of synthesizer. Universally considered to be a German style of music although from a Ghanaian origin. The name itself sounds funny but the uploading a song of this genre on any of your musical device will make it truly unique.

  • Tuvan Throat Singing

Amidst several types of singing rituals in the world this one stands out to be very fascinating. Tuvan throat singing is one of the most famous styles of overtone singing “a style in which one or more pitches sound simultaneously over a fundamental pitch, producing a unique sound.”

  • Zikr

Sufism has its various forms in various Islamic regions of the world. Sometimes called “dhikr,” zikr is a general term for Islamic prayer chanting that is often used as a meditation tool and linked with Sufism. Sufism is a form of Islamic mysticism that doesn’t really focus on being dogmatic (there are scores of “orders” whose practices vary widely). The more important goal to Sufi’s is perfecting their worship and becoming closer to God. 

  •     The 1-bit Symphony

You might love the 8-bit sound from old computers and video games, but handling 1-bit sound is a different game altogether.
The creator of the 1-bit Symphony, Tristan Perich, made a symphony that automatically plays when you plug a headphone jack into a single, simple microchip. It’s the music of transistors turning on and off. Well, all digital music is, but this music makes it more noticeable.

  •     Impossible Music — Black MIDI

This is pretty much amazing. This software electronic piano-playing program shows us that about 80% of the keys are being hit at a given time in one of these songs. This isn’t just impossible for one person. For any living person it is pretty much impossible, Only through the magic of software this music is played.
Is it a good thing that this is possible? I’m guessing most of you think it’s not. Perhaps you can see why they call this “Black MIDI.” Because if they put this onto sheet music, the entire staff would be filled with notes, making the page a sea of black.

  •      Chinese Opera

This Chinese form of music has its grass roots from a very old century. The costumes and the dance together with the singing is symbolic of the culture.
On a lighter note out of a rare few American singer, Kate Bush, has an incredible voice that would fit right in with Chinese opera or Indian Bollywood music.

  •    Shoe-Gazing

A sub genre of alternative rock where the singers poster remains in a completely non-confrontational seemingly sleepy, passive neutral state, while singing to the music. In complete contrast to how a normal crowd pulling front man of band would perform.

  •     Hunting Songs of the Mbuti

Hunting Songs from the Mbuti pygmy tribe of Papua New Guinea is associated with the elephant hunting and is nothing more than random yelling, but if you listen closely for a while you start to notice the certain rhythmic patterns in the chaos which tend to amuse not only elephants but also humans who consider it as a modern day genre of music. 

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