Weirdest inventions ever

How many of us have actually seen half, if not all, of these cool but weird inventions? Although not commonly found in most parts of the world where we are from, these inventions ought to be given the recognition they deserve.

1.      Baby Mop

This invention is useful if you have babies, or if you intend to have a baby. Purchase one of these! This is a Japanese invention which makes use of babies who are still at the crawling stage. Basically, a mop is attached to the clothes of the baby,  so that when the baby crawls around the house, he is in fact helping you to clean the floor! Very useful.

2. Cutting Board Bird Feeder you are constantly annoyed by the crumbs or remnants of whatever you cut on cutting boards, this invention is sure to win you over. With small holes in the cutting board, one could scrape the crumbs into these holes which are connected to a tube, leading to a small petite container. If you have a bird at home, this is even better because the bird will be able to eat from this container! If not, you could always be generous and offer the crumbs to the birds outside. 

 3. Sleeping Bags… with Arm and Leg openings

Tired of sleeping in sleeping bags that prove uncomfortable for your arms and legs? Buy one of these now! You could toss and turn as much as you want without having to feel restrained by the traditional designs of sleeping bags.

            4. Lighter based on Solar Energy

Another cool Japanese invention (damn, these guys are creative!), this is useful when you don’t have a lighter with you but you need a light to smoke. Put your cigarette under the glass (see picture), wait a little while, and voilà! You have your cigarette lighted.

            5. Umbrella with full body protection

Tired of getting wet even if you are using an umbrella? Fret no more. This invention has a full plastic cover that surrounds your body that extends from the umbrella itself. Protect your lower body, legs, shoes and bags now with this invention! 

            6. Umbrellas for Dogs
Still on the topic of umbrellas, but this time for dogs. Take pity on these furry little creatures when they take a walk in the park with you on drizzly days! They deserve better. 

            7. Pen Cap Eating Utensils

If you are one of those office workers or students who eat out of your own lunchbox often and forget your utensils, here is something that is good for you. Dine-Ink has invented pen caps that work as eating utensils! Just wash them after you’re done. 

            8.  Broom and Dustpan Slippers

Last but not least… sweep the floor using your feet from now onwards! These cute little attachments on your slippers will not make you want to bend down and use the old dustpans anymore. The dustpans in this invention look really small, though. 

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