TrendsAround Report June-July 2015

Journey of First month June-July 2015 TrendsAround

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Created by Vishal
Before 39 days, I registered the Trendsaround Domain name. A blog about Trends, Weird stuffs, blogging tips, making money, technology trends, Celebrity Trends etc.

Started with my thoughts, for my passion about blogging, No earning yet
( Not a bad report at all)

Plagiarism Report for by can be seen here 

TrendsAround Report 13/07/2015


53% Unique Content + 34% Common Content Shows the uniqueness of the site
13% plagiarism found ( Will try to minimize this in next Phase for Sure)

The Google Analytics Report gives a report of the support gained by the Internet users, 

TrendsAround Report 13/07/2015


81.9% New Visitors ( I dont know its good or not ) with 2288 pageviews,

436 TrendsAround FB Page Likes, Check here

304 Pinterest Followers with 124 Pins, Check here  

139 Stumbleupon Followers, Check here

18 Flipboard Articles , Check here

136 Published Articles in different niche

And an approved Google Adsense Account, Yes I got adsense approval in first month. 

Thank you for the support will keep update this to higher and better.



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