Top selling Halloween costumes Last Year

Halloween costume sales have unexpectedly boosted this year. So far, sale numbers are flourishing for two costumes in particular. Elsa, a princess from Disney’s popular Frozen movie, is in the lead for young girls’ costumes. This is followed by Anna, another major character from the movie. Princesses in general are a very common theme for girls’ costumes, and good for those who do not have a high enough budget to afford the more popular costumes.
Top selling Halloween costumes Last Year 
The most popular costumes for young boys are currently Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters. However, it is shown that Olaf, the snowman from Frozen, has high costume sales as well.
Because of the high demand, these costumes have higher prices than most others. However, the sales are still so high that stores are expected to run out of stock well before the day of Halloween. The costumes are not only desired for Halloween, but for ordinary dress-up purposes as well.
For adults, the top-selling costumes so far are bikers, flappers, monsters such as zombies or witches, and super heroes such as Superman, Superwoman, or Spiderman.

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween costume sales are at their peak during the first two weeks of October. It is predicted that this season will break the record for the highest number of Halloween costumes sold in a year. Additionally, research shows that the average person will spend about $77 on costumes, candy, and other Halloween-associated products, making the total expense of all consumers up to 7.4 billion dollars.

Top selling Halloween costumes Last Year

Retailers of Halloween costumes say that it is a good season, and that sales are up more than usual. They say that they are quickly running out of stock despite the relatively high prices, meaning that people may be willing to spend more on the costumes they desire.

This year’s Halloween will occur on a Friday. So far, it has been proven that more adults participate during Halloween on Friday than on any other day. This may also be another reason why the costume sales have boosted this year.

If you plan on taking part in Halloween this year, you better get your hands on your favorite costume before it runs out of stock.

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