Swiss army “Nabbing” water from French town

The precious value of water can be understood when one invade in to other country and steal water!!!! 

Yeah looks crazy but Les Rousses, a small French town has complained about Swiss army invading their local lake and stealing its water for the thirst of cattle. There is a proof by European Press photo agency of the Swiss military helicopter is used to airlift water to about 20,000 cows grazing on mountain to setup water tanks.
(Photo: Dominic Steinmann, European Pressphoto Agency)
(Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott, AP)

Daniel Reist, spokesperson for the Swiss army told that they sent an official request to the French state and they gave them a green light.  But It appears that Switzerland might be in deep as the army did not know that locals should be agreed to fly over the French territory and accessing to the lake. Because of this rising issue of the cross border snafu Swiss defense department apologized to Les Rousses and its residents (Source: USAtoday

Now both sides are hoping about the issue will be nothing more than water under bridge. Yet the issue raised many questions among the residents and the others as well about security and the water need as well.
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