Southside With You : First Movie about Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

"Southside With You" shows US President Barack Obama's first date with his future wife, Michelle. It is the first movie about this popular couple. There are no romantic stories in politics, but there is a lot going on behind the lights. You should come to joint first date of Barack and Michelle Obama on the big screen. The title of the project: "Southside With You". President of the United States Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will soon be immortalized in a separate film, but who is now a historically accurate biopic of the brand "Lincoln", could not be further off the mark. Not the political career of the pair is the focus in the "Southside With You", according to "Deadline". Their first common date is the plot of the story. This event took place one afternoon in the summer of 1989 and this time frame was taken for describing in the film. With Tika Sumpter ("Get on Up") as an actress who represents Michelle, the suitable role has already been found. The search for a suitable Barack, however, is still running at full speed. The director is Richard Tanne ("Worst Friends") who took the responsibility to write the screenplay.

Barack Obama in 1989 was still an idealistic law student at the elite Harvard University, who took a temporary job at a law firm in Chicago in the summer. Michelle was his supervisor at the time. As the couple said in an interview itself, they visited only an art exhibition, before they went to the movies later. It was on the agenda with "Do The Right Thing" by Spike Lee. "He showed me all his facets. He was hip, up to date, cultured, sensitive and patient," says Michelle Obama when remembering the great afternoon.
Furthermore, "Deadline" reported that the idea for the film came by the director very vividly. Tika Sumpter and director first jointly developed the script as they both serve as executive producers. Filming is scheduled to begin in July 2015, in Chicago. The First photos of the movies are on air. For Tika Sumpter, it will be the same as the project using genuine people of world events for "Get On Up". Who has not seen the movie about the legendary singer James Brown could watch the trailer online and check out all the talent of the actress.

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