Paris Hilton became a DJ
A DJ for million dollars. This is the new work by Paris Hilton, who has "reinvented" as a race disc - jockey and, according to her statements, this work allows her to make money. The granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of famous Hilton hotel chain, has tried many careers as a model, actress and singer, but was never able to actually prevail in the world of fashion and entertainment.
The artist ended often in tabloids because of news gossip or some "bluster" related to the use of alcohol and drugs, and similar stuff. She also had some trouble with the law. But, Paris Hilton never gave up with the aim of creating a space for herself in a professional field because she wanted to become "someone". She did not want to hide behind her famous surname and therefore, the profession of DJ currently seems the most suitable to her.

Interviewed by the "New York Post", the 33-year-old American artist has enjoyed her new life going around the clubs, making and mixing music for the audience. A profession that you love is the best gift that life could give you. That passion is what makes her happy, because, as she said, there is no more beautiful thing in the world than to do a job "that you love." But it is not enough, because the happiness of Paris Hilton is also there due to the fact that this profession that you love, also gives you a profit. In fact, she said that she was being paid very good to make customers of nightclubs dancing.

Then we can add another conclusion. After many failed attempts, Paris Hilton seems to be able to prevail in the professional field. As disc - jockey, sports and travels the world add a lot of money to their already rich heritage, according to the latest estimates, it will be around $ 800 million. These estimates should be updated soon, because you have to add new profits made from the rich and beautiful entertainer.  We will see if she will stay in this profession long enough to make some success.

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