New Inhalable Measles Vaccine Undergoing Trials

The first phase in the clinical trials of a powder measles vaccine that can be inhaled has just been completed by scientists. The first phase of the trials of the powder vaccine, which involved sixty men aged between the ages 18 and 45 who already had immunity to measles, was reported to have been proved to be successful. The next phase of the trials will be carried out on women and children who are not yet immune to measles.
With the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting that 154 700 people died from measles in 2013, the new vaccine if proved to be successful will bring in a lot of new advantages that will result in a lot more lives being saved in future.
During the first phase of the trials, the powdered version of the vaccine was administered to the men in two different forms. The first group received the vaccine through an injection with the liquid form of the vaccine, while the second group inhaled the powdered form of the vaccine. Of those that inhaled the vaccine, 60% did not show any adverse reaction or side effects to it. According to the researchers, the second and third phase of the trials will attempt to collect evidence related to the efficacy and safety of the inhalable powdered vaccine.   
It is hoped that the powdered form of the measles vaccine will prove to be more effective than its older, liquid counterpart which can only be administered through an injection. It is expected that not only will the powdered vaccine be cheaper, it will be much safer to administer than the liquid form. 
New Inhalable Measles Vaccine Undergoing Trials

Other advantages of the powdered vaccine over the liquid form are the fact that it eliminates the costs for special containers that are required to dispose of needles that are used to administer liquid vaccines. The risk of cross contamination which is created by the use of needles is also removed.  
With a large number of children contracting measles coming from under-developed countries, where clean water and electricity are in short supply, there is no need for liquid storage which requires refrigeration for prolonged storage.  The powdered measles vaccine can be kept at room temperature for up to 6 months without degenerating, can last for periods up to four years in a refrigerator.
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