Most people like tattoos but only few of them decide to get one

Do you think of a reason to get a tattoo. And you are sober, right? Now think of a reason not to do it. Did you find any? When you sit on the couch of your tattooist friend, you ought to consider 10 reasons not to tattoo and protect yourself from loss of money, making a bad tattoo or getting some dangerous infection. Take a look at these good reasons of not getting any tattoo. 

1.  Problems with your health -
At this point we refer to diseases or complications that your body has to fight with, such as anemia. You should better check with you doctor who will make the necessary studies and evaluate the possibility of getting a tattoo. In the case of having a more complex disease such as diabetes and leukemia, you must analyze other risks.

2. You are not sure what to tattoo -

As you know, tattoos have a special meaning for each person. A tattoo one day should not be removed the next day. If you are in doubt, try several designs in different parts of the body, to see if they are right for you. Your tattoo master will give you some examples available for testing.

3. You do not know a professional studio -
 Falling into the hands of an inexperienced person in the art of tattooing can have negative consequences. It ranges from a job poorly done to the spread of disease by the use of improper materials. Why to take the risk if there are studios that meet all sanitary standards and requirements? Ask your friends to recommend the best tattooist.

4. You want to save money -
 "You get what you pay" they say, and it is also applicable to studios of tattooists. A tattoo costs money to be well done, otherwise it is not a good tattoo. Good tattoo artists invest time, dedication, expertise and money to set up a studio. What makes you think they can charge cheaper?

5. You will get complications on your job -

When saying this we think about jobs where tattoos in visible areas of the body are not welcome. This is not to say you will not do the tattoo, but if you have to consider doing it in a hidden part or use certain clothes like sweaters with long sleeves if you tattoo an arm for example, then think again.

6. You try to live a lifestyle based on the Bible

Fashion Trend 
As we can see in some articles and references, there are some answers about what does the Bible say about tattoos? God does not allow scratches on the body or any kind of messages such as tattoos. If your intentions are to be bound by what God's word says, you should forget about tattoos.

7. You see it as a fashion trend - 

 If you see tattoos as a fashion more than an art, you can get bored of it sooner or later and want to remove it. Do you know that tattoo removal techniques are often expensive? You may waste your money to do that.

8. You plan to lose or gain weight -

The tattooing may vary and distortions in design can make changes in the skin caused by the sun, the passage of time and changes of weight. If you plan to lose or gain weight significantly, postpone tattoos for later.

9. You are drunk or high -  

This point may seem obvious, but you will not see clearly when the euphoria is there. That is the time when you can regret your tattoo. We can only tell you to look for a place to go for drinks away from the tattoo studios.

10. You are underage -
The lack of age may be preventable cause of dispute with your parents. Furthermore, the chances are higher to get bored and regret the tattoo. If these reasons are not enough, good tattoo studios that meet the standards and laws of your country do not practice tattooing minors. Do you find yourself in any of these situations? If your answer is no, then you can go for your tattoo.

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