Most beautiful love stories of all times .....What do you do for LOVE?

What do you do for LOVE?

Not many people are ready to do anything for love – lack of courage, lack of love. I does not really matter. What matters is that we should be prepared to do anything for someone we love and that we should never reconsider or regret for what we have done. Real love knows no boundaries.
  • Holding Hands in Death

 A couple from Iowa, Norma and Gordon, died in their 90s after a 72-year-long marriage after a severe car accident they were in. The two lovers were staying together in the intensive care unit and the nurses on staff claim that they were holding hands never mind the unconscious condition they were both in. Gordon died first and one hour later his wife Norma passed away as well, while holding her dead husband’s hand. The couple met back in high school, they lived together for 72 years and they had four children, three sons and a daughter.

  • Love Became Stronger
Another unusual couple from Iowa – Taylor and Danielle were high school sweethearts and they went through a lot together; however, when Taylor was deployed to Afghanistan he ended up losing both legs, his left arm and his right hand. The bomb did harm Taylor but this tragedy did nothing to the loving relationship the couple has shared for years. The entire world knows about the romantic story of this unusual couple – their photographs are all over the internet entitled “A Love Story in 22 Pictures”. 

  • Romeo and Juliet
This tragic love story happened in India in 2009; the Indian couple decided on killing themselves after the local town council ordered them to break up by ending their marriage or to face the death penalty. The main reason for breaking up the two lovers was because the woman was Muslim and her husband was Hindu, which was against the rules in their community. The modern Romeo and Juliet decided to poison themselves to death while the police charged the community for leading the poor couple to tragic suicide. 

  • Final Act of Love

Harold and Ruth were high school sweethearts and they were happily married for 66 years. They had died on the same died, just a few hours apart from each other; their children said it was the “final act of love”.  Shortly before she died, Ruth was heavily infected with a deadly disease and was most like not to survive. Their children remember that their father Harold took the news “on his feet” but something changed him at that very moment. A few days later, Harold got seriously sick. Three days later, he died. The children told their mother that the love of her life is waiting for her and that she should not stick around for them anymore. Ruth died within hours. 

  • I Got Your Back
Love is not only about romantic love but also about great friendship and care; a 16-year-old China boy has carried his best friend to school every day for eight years – on his own back. His friend has a rare and serious congenital disorder, which made him extremely difficult to walk. Never mind the sun or the rain, the brave boy always carried his friend from home to school and vice versa; he even carried the sick boy to the restroom. His parents found out of his caring love for another friend four years later. The sick boy talked of his friend as of someone who chased away the dark cloud from his life and let the sunshine in.

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