Lose 10 pounds using 15 simple tricks

Use chips that are baked

If you desire a snack that is easy, change one ounce of regular chips of tortrilla for the version that is baked with salsa, which is just 130 calories unlike guac and tortrilla chips that have 230 calories.

Avoid the smear

Rather than including cheese cream of butter on a bagel that is plain, use the version that is flavoured such as salt or cinnamon-raisin. Without the spread both are delicious.

Avoid usual bottled dressing

Avoid the version of full-fat and go for the portion of dressing that is fat free.

Without milk prepare soups of tomatoes –

Instead of soup of tomato being included with milk, heat well and drink a cup of vegetable juice which is rich in calcium instead.

Avoid bars of chocolate –
http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--ZxbYMFnw--/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/17i2h80a14grijpg.jpgA serving that is 1.4 ounce could soothe your taste buds but it can pull you back by 210 calories. Rather, eat 10 Life Savers, five pieces of hard candy, or jelly beans in the quantity of 10 regular sizes.

Avoid the version that is canned –
Rather than creamed corn that is canned, take cob corn.

After cooking take off the skin from chicken breast –
100 calories would be saved.

Avoid the pecan if you have a weakness for pie –
http://img.allw.mn/content/diet/2012/07/7_spinach-and-pecan-salad.jpgAt about 430 calories for every slice it is much wiser to select a lemon meringue which has 305 calories.  

 Stop taking bacon –
If you desire your eggs with bacon, instead of four strips take two slices of Canadian which fills you similarly.

Peanut butter should be used less –
When preparing a jelly sandwich and peanut butter, have the peanut butter skimped.

Use the usual mayo –
In pasta salads, chicken, and tuna, utilize two spoons of mayo that is light to have savings of over 100 calories.

Cooking spray should be made use of –
Whenever you sauté or brown, avoid the spoon of oil and instead utilize the cookware that is nonstick with cooking spray that is spritz.

Get fish eaten smarter –
Whenever shrimp is being ordered avoid the fried ones and select the boiled ones.

Reflect about portions –
At a stop at a fast food, refuse to take an order of medium fries and order for a small one instead.
Smaller portion to lose weight
On yogurt go lightly -  
Rather than a container of six-ounces of yoghurt that is fruit flavoured select a version that is light.  
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