Justice for Cecil

Cecil the Lion, Africa’s most known Lion was killed by two Zimbabwean men.  Yet the anger and the attention is focused on a dentist from Minnesota Walter Palmer, as authorities are saying they are seeking investigation on him.

Justice for Cecil
VOX (Brian Orford/YouTube)
Walter James Plamer lured the Lion out of the park (Zimbabwe’s Hwange National park) and he shot the lion with his crossbow. Then he tracked the lion for about 40 hours and then finally shot him.
The story was reported widely this week and all over the internet. 
Justice for Cecil
Walter Palmer, top left, stuffed animals left outside his dental practice,
his house and protesters outside,
Photo: James Breeden, Telegraph.co.uk
Hwange Park is a free roam zone under Law, it means killing Cecil in the park would have been illegal. Palmer got a way around this law by getting him out of the park as Cecil came out of the park theoretically or we can say a loophole in the law made it legal to shoot him, which he did. 

Above all insanity on the first shot the lion got wounded, and palmer stalked him for 40 hours and then shot him again with a rifle, skinned his corpse and cut off his head. This whole insanity cost James $50,000.

As soon as it went over the Internet, Twitter users shared Palmer’s contact information, as well as on Facebook lots of negative reviews and angry comments on FB page. Moreover a petition signed by 77000 people “Justice for Cecil”. The petitioners call on Zimbabwe to “TO stop issuing hunting permits to kill endangered Animals!!”
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