Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Life Lessons in the book "True Love"

Learn to love yourself. That is Jennifer Lopez’s latest manta. Love yourself first. Reported as stating “I promise that if you get into it, if you tap into it, it’s going to make your left better”.

The general message is to love yourself for who you are.
The famous singer, and also now actress and producer was recently interviewed about True Love which is the title of her latest book. It was initially going to be a book of memories from the 2012 World Tour Dance Again that she did after her split from her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Lopez was on a soul searching mission and realized that her songs were becoming very personal and about her life, relationships, career and love.

Lopez calls it her journey to self-acceptance. Lopez’s book is not an autobiography but she believes, in some way, it is her responsibility to do a soul baring exercise.  Lopez admits that she has self-esteem issues as eventually negative comments made about yourself start to affect you. Telling you, you don’t cut it, not good enough; at being a performer, actress, or even a person; eventually some of it seeps in and stays with you. Lopez believes this is dangerous and everyone should be aware that just because people say things to you, doesn’t mean they are true, and don’t carry other people’s opinions around on your shoulders or they will eventually weigh you down and start to impact what you believe in about yourself. She goes on further stating it just goes over and over in your head and that is very dangerous, because for a lot of people, eventually they are not strong enough to not start believing what is being said about them.

Lopez opened up about a lot of things, including any potential love life in her feature, and stated marriage wasn’t out of the question if it felt right. Lopez went on further to say this time it had to be because she wanted it, not because other people wanted it; showing signs that there may have been some pressure to proceed with her previous marriage. Sounds like, next time Lopez will wear the pants in the relationship and decide for herself whether it’s the right person or not. 

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