Jennifer Aniston & Tabloids

The famous American comedienne, once the superstar of Friends TV show, is starring the movie Cake and she is dealing with tabloids this season. She says it is pretty difficult to deal with all the tabloids, the paparazzi but that she found really good methods to fight against them.

Jennifer Aniston & Tabloids
Jennifer Aniston was so kind and she revealed those methods in the interview. The only way a celebrity can fight the tabloids is by ignoring them. The actress admits that she used to pay attention to those stories, she was mad all the time, seeking for justice, screaming that it was not fair what they wrote; now, she became more mature and she starting ignoring them. The thing is that everybody knows that tabloids are a bunch of crap and that they are just written to be sold so why should one even pay attention to it. The best thing is to ignore all the fuss. If one pays attention to tabloids and paparazzi it can influence your personal and professional life and can produce many problems. 

Jennifer Aniston & TabloidsAniston also says that women are Hollywood are treated in a different manner than men; women are asked about their future career, their relationships, their love life and men are able to avoid those questions and they do not have to worry about the scrutiny. Even though she has been tortured by the media and the tabloids, 
Aniston spoke openly about her relationship with the actor Justin Theroux and she said that what they share was completely normal. The key to a successful relationship is to find what makes you happy and satisfied and Aniston says that both her and Justin are aware of that.  

Aniston star in the movie Cake, which could be running for the Academy Award this winter; she is giving a fantastic role of Claire Simmons, a woman addicted to pain medication and drugs so that she can survive her mental condition. Aniston really gave her best in Cake and she could be hoping for an Oscar nomination and a possible award. The independent production has been very busy during 2014 and one of the latest indie movies one should not miss is Cake, starring the beautiful and talented Jennifer Aniston, once the star of the famous TV show Friends. 
Jennifer Aniston & Tabloids

Aniston in Cake read it Here.

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