Jennifer Aniston in Cake

In Cake, Aniston is portraying a woman who is suffering from chronic pain, which is pretty debilitating for her. Her condition also includes great emotional pain, besides the physical pain, and the pain makes her really angry and furious. She is getting out of control, which ends up with her mates kicking her out of the support group dealing with both emotional and physical pain. The movie takes us into a story and we are not really sure what happened with that angry woman.

As the movie goes on, we are staring to understand her condition and to discover why she is in such a state of body and mind. Aniston claims that is not a very popular narrative for Hollywood movies, and that is what makes this movie completely different from other she had been starring in. It is a great risk; however, it is an honor to work with successful independent production for a change. Aniston’s role was very difficult because her character is in constant pain so the actress had to study on pain in order to get the role right.

She had to put her body into a state of constant pain – the back, the legs, the neck, etc. She even talked to people who were suffering from constant pain so that she could depict her character in the best possible way. As for her career so far, Aniston says she had established a name and a character she usually plays. Now came the time to try something different, to do some indie, and convince the producers and the director that she would be just perfect for the part.
She remembers the Friends show as the best part of her career and she thinks that is the thing that made her a famous and special comedienne. She does not think about future in terms of plans, Aniston is going with the flow and hoping to more different and exciting projects.

In Recent Events Jennifer is in news as Jennifer Aniston denies Matt LeBlanc (Co-star from Friends)  'affair'.

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