Get Adsense approval in just 4 steps

Get Adsense approval in just 4 steps

Want to monetize your website? Google Adsense would be Best network for you, how? Let’s see

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Google Adsense is the best ad network in the market. It is better (say 90%) then all CPC networks in the market right now. As it pays the highest rate, the rules for AdSense are also strict.
Yes, Getting Adsense for your website is not at all easy. Day by day people are getting more interested in this network. 

First thing Google Adsense needs a Gmail Account (Obviously)

Now For getting the Adsense approval in couple of days you must Ready your Blog before applying,

1.       High Quality Content there is no option to this, you must have the High quality posts. “Content is King” You will see many articles saying that you will need 500 posts or 100 posts or may be 10 posts even for getting adsense approval. As I have experienced, There should be say 60-80 High Quality Posts at minimum (You can try for the less posts but here I am giving you the Idea for getting the approval in first try)
                What does the High Quality Content means?
·         Uniqueness       
·         Eye-caching
·         Proper Length
·         Clearly readable content
You must check that your website does not have any adsense prohibited content, such as Adult, racial, hacking/cracking, Gambling, drugs, weapons and ammunition etc.

2.       Design of your Blog

The structure of your blog must be SEO friendly 
(Now the biggest Question what the hell this SEO is) For this I will upload the new article about making a SEO friendly blog soon,
But for now, the blog should have good template with nice header, side bar, No ads would be better until the approval, Content area, footer etc.

3.       Custom Domain name

The adsense approval needs a custom domain, in the countries like India and China it should be older about 6 Months. The Adsense have made official statement for this, which is

“In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.”

4.       Some pages are must

About us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages are necessary for the application approval. These gives a good professional approval that you are working accordingly google policies.
  •          About Us Page

             Which simply describes your blog and you. See the example here
  •        Privacy Policy             Privacy Policy describes that what the users will get on your blog as well as what they should not do. (Don’t think that it’s bad impression to users that you have a privacy policy). You can try it by yourself or can find online,
For example click here

  •      Contact Us Page

             Create a contact us page with a professional email as and the social network profiles as well. This is for the users for contacting you for any suggestions or an issue. Can be very help full for Adsense approval as well.
 For Example click here

Get this things done apply for Google adsense, you will surely get approval or even after this if you are getting rejection comment here or contact me on

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