Elisabeth Hasselbeck reveals reason for her absence

After returning back to “Fox and Friends”, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clarified about her absence for the month. Hasselbeck who is 37 has told viewers that she was diagnosed with a tumor in her abdomen and was scared to get out working. The doctors feared that the tumor could be cancerous and had to be removed as soon as possible. However the tumor was not found out to be cancerous.


She tells that she had a scary week when her family was not sure what the results would be. Now she says that everything was ok and she was fine. However the surgery was not fun and it was necessary to find out whether everything was good when something is terrible with you.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck The personality expressed her sincere gratitude towards her friends and family who had been supporting her throughout the bad time period. She especially wanted to thank Mr Roger Ailes who is the CEO of Fox News for his incredible support and treating her like his family. She also clarified that she was not a kind of person who would take anything for granted from now onwards.

She got very much emotional while she was discussing this ordeal with her co-host Mr. Steve Doocy and was holding his hands many times while sharing these remarks. She also shared her feelings about how so many people had faced this barrier of having cancer and how they have treated this disease when they received the bad news. She also appreciated the remarkable things many people have done when they were diagnosed with Cancer.

In order to mark her return which was also proclaimed as “clear and clean bill of health” by Hasselbeck, Steve and Eric Bolling caked her which Steve tells was from the so called Cake boss. While even before her disappearance, Doocy had already told the media that Hasselbeck was out for a week due to a surgery but people never expected Elizabeth to take so long to return back.

She tweeted to her fans and friends who had supported her throughout her career with the #gratitude tag that was widely acclaimed by the people over Social Media.

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