Cute animals could be very dangerous

We share the planet with a huge variety of animal species. Some of them have calm nature and others do not. Some are herbivorous, others carnivorous, some are poisonous, some very dangerous and sometimes not. But many of them can kill you when you least expect it. Some of them do not need a large size, a toxin or huge and strong fangs with which they can destroy you. Few may take your life in surprising way. Check out these 5 animals that could kill you and you did not know about it.

1.  Fur Seal

Cute animals could be very dangerousOften mistakenly called just seal or "master seal", the Zalophus californianus is adorable sea creature that is actually dangerous marine wolf and sometimes has attacked humans. Cruelly, they have been trained in circuses for many years and exposed to illegal trade. While this was already managed to control these days, wolves or California or sea lions could have caused several tragedies, only because of human fault. The males of the species have an average weight of 320 kg, they are about 2 m long and have a couple of dangerous fangs. They also have an amazing strength and are very territorial. In fact, so much that every year, on the northern shores of the Pacific Ocean, these sea lions attacks humans even more than sharks as recorded.

2. Irukandji jellyfish -  

The small oriental Irukandji jellyfish is an unexpected creature to represent danger to humans. They are best known as the "little killers". According to this jellyfish, the size really is not what matters and with a size of just 1 cm, it is a tremendously dangerous. This is because its body is almost transparent. Although the size of the body is so tiny, it has a virtually invisible thin filaments that follow up to 2 meters in water. These filaments are filled with a number of dispensers with 100 times more potent poison than cobra venom.
Cute animals could be very dangerous

3. Owl -
Owls in general are simply fascinating beings. Few birds are so incredible as owls or horned owls. It is a king of size and skill, with unique capabilities, including killing a human being, if necessary. They have a weight of about 1.8 kg, an approximate size of 1.5 m and a pair of huge, sharp claws that catch skunks, large rodents and even cats. This bird is the only bird known for attacking a human being fatally, being the only species of this kind that has taken a human life. Anteater -

Can you imagine death from the attack of an anteater? A giant anteater, inhabiting a few regions of South America, can reach a size of up to about 1.5 m and a weight of 70 kg. It is able to take the life of a human being easily. This is something almost unthinkable if we observe them. We rather imagine them as very calm and peaceful beings. But if they are cornered in danger, they will not hesitate to attack any other animal. With long, sharp claws as sharp knives, they could easily open up the abdomen of any human.

5. Asian Carp -
Asian carp is huge fish with weigh of about 45 kg and some specimens reach over one meter in length. The big issue with these fish is that when threatened, they jump out of the water and reach great heights. Obviously, this is fatal when there are people around. Can you imagine a fish of about 1 m in length and 45 kg of weight hitting your head? Broken bones, loss of sight and all kinds of back injury is most common among Asian carp anglers.
Cute animals could be very dangerous

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