Cara Tweeted " Some People Don't understand the Sarcasm"

On the update of the recent event of the Cara Delevingne mocked by the hosts of the morning show,

A host of a morning TV show "Good Day Sacramento" called of the show because of the unnecessary attitude of the actress saying, " She was in the mood"
Read more about the Scenario Here

The event caused much Snafu in the social world, that actress publically comment on that as her words were part of a sarcasm which was not understood by the Hosts.

Cara Delevingne tweeted,

and this does not end here, she also re-tweeted the comments on her favor of Zach Baff & Boy George

So, this whole scenario is in my opinion in her favor, as movie has got a weird advertisement and put the actress into a lime light.

Never the less the reviews of the Paper Town movie can be found some of them are described here,

Cara Delevingne  in Paper Town Rolling Stone:  Supermodel Delevigne wears down any resentment of yet another Brit playing an American teen. Her flashing eyes and throaty voice indicate the star power to make it in pictures that move.

The Hollywood Reporter: "Delevingne delivers sufficient dynamics to carry the early going with her character's well-wrought sense of payback and mystery, but she remains largely offscreen most of the way."

As I concluded from the reviews of the Movie that the appearance of the actress is much short, as she is mostly off screen in the movie, So this been couple of days and lets she what the future of the model turning into actress got her into upcoming movies and Life...

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