Are you sure you do have health insurance

Health changes can occur at any time, any day without making consultations. They could be anything from a sudden stroke or diagnosis of some life-threatening cancer to a dreadful accident that leaves one disabled. Such health shocks can result into immense consequences and particularly so when it comes to financial matters.

health insurance

Health insurance guarantees that such occurrences do not affect your life too much. An insurance cover will cushion you from these health problems. However, how many people have taken up insurance for their health? You will be surprised that even with the numerous campaigns to popularize health insurance; no one on this planet actually has health insurance.

It is not because health insurance covers are expensive. Quite on the contrary, insurance covers are considerably affordable and can be accessed very easily. Nonetheless, insurance for health is a really tricky affair. Health care covers provide access to preventative care and a whole lot of other medical assistance cares. For example, if you are diagnosed with a condition such as cancer, the expenses you will spend on health care are fully insured. The same cannot be said about your overall quality of health though. 

The problem with insurance for health is that it is difficult to value health. It is invaluable unlike other financial risks that people insure against. You can put a monetary value on a house or car but not on health. The effect of a financial risk can be reimbursed wholly but not with health. A person with Alzheimer’s cannot be returned to their original state of health regardless of how many health care centers they visit. 

So, to be clearer on what people actually have- health insurance is not really covering your health but ensuring that access medical services. What this type of insurance does is make certain that you are able to access the already available medical innovations that can help to restore your health or sustain it. It will cushion you against heightened expenses in cost but will not really take care of your health. Now you know exactly why no one on this earth really has health insurance.
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