10 tricks for shedding 10 pounds of fat

This is the New Year and there is no greater way to start working on your goals for losing weight than to take the bull by the horns. Here are 10 simple steps to use to lose 10 pounds of fat starting from today.

1. Do not remember the peanuts that are salted –

Two ounces will not enable you achieve your goals. In fact, they would pull you back by a huge 340 calories. Rather, take the 230 calories-containing thin-twist pretzels in 20.

2. Wisely select your toppings –

Rather than adding hot fudge, crushed chocolate candy, or crumbled cookies to your ice cream topping, use two spoons of fresh berries to top it up. It contains an extra 10 calories unlike almost 135 calories.

3. Avoid the candy which is filled with peanuts –

Rather than taking 20 of the regular peanut M&Ms (210 calories), take the plain M&Ms (90 calories).
10 tricks for shedding 10 pounds of fat

4. Take ice cream the smarter way –

Rather than a chocolate covered ice cream bar (170 calories), eat a fudge pop that is fat-free (65 calories).

5. Avoid the whip –

When placing an order of your favorite beverage of coffee bar save 130 calories by refusing to take whipped cream.

6. The way you eat chocolate should be changed –

If you require a fix of chocolate make a replacement of six Kisses of Hershey (160 calories) with chips of chocolate that are dark (70 calories).

7. Change your habits for breakfast –
10 tricks for shedding 10 pounds of fat
Make a replacement of oatmeal that is cinnamon-flavoured (295 calories) with a package of oatmeal that is regular, and made with milk that is fat-free and cinnamon that is sprinkled (185 calories).

8. Enjoy a fruit parfait and yogurt –  Save 100 calories by taking it without granola.

9. Keep off the tartar sauce’s extra calories –

150 calories are contained in two spoonfuls of sauce. Rather make an enjoyment of shrimp with cocktail sauce which contains just 40 calories in three spoons.

10. Avoid the pudding that is snack sized –

The same quantity of refreshing strawberry gelatin contains only 80 calories. But chocolate pudding is twice this at 190 calories.
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