World’s Scariest Places you’ve yet to discover

World’s Scariest Places you’ve yet to discover

There are places on this planet that are scarier than the most of us can ever imagine. Places that gives you the goosebumps, get ready to be spooked. 

We always enjoy sightseeing beautiful and attractive places that gives us that certain warm feeling. But have you ever considered taking into consideration those that might give the creeps out of you? This upcoming month is November which gives rise to a spine-chilling atmosphere.
               Understanding the main theme of the month November, I’ve come to an interest of showing you to somewhere you wouldn’t dare to enter. So, do you really think that you have the courage to look into some fascinating yet disturbing and distressing places in the world that are considered the scariest place or homes of horror in the world? Then join in the adventure and keep your eyes open for you are about to read an unforgettable moment of your entire life. Sit back, grab some pillow and you may now start reading.

  1. Pluckley, Kent
If you think Halloween is a fun time for only kids then that’s where you’re wrong. Often described as the most haunted village in Britain, Pluckley is visited by hordes of ghost- hunters that flock there every Halloween. That’s right! Ghost-hunters and not kids are out the village looking and trying to track down ghosts that are rumored to be at the village. It was said that there are at least 12 to 16 ghosts at the village and its surrounding area. And in those paranormal files that were considered are the screaming man who may have worked at the village brickworks and is said to have fallen to his death, the highwayman who is said to appear as a shadowy figure in the Fright Corner that have his life taken away by a sword and was pinned to a tree.

  1. Island of the dolls, Mexico

Island of the dolls, MexicoHave you ever fond of dolls as your playmates? Well, just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico you can find a small island that covered a sad background of a poor little girl. Don Julian Santana Barrera is said to be the caretaker of the island and was the one who found the little girl who was drowned in a mysterious circumstances. Unable to save her life, when he found a floating doll shortly after he saw the little girl, he decided to hang it to a tree as a way of showing his respect. But there are other rumors that says he was haunted by the little girl that he started hanging more dolls in attempt to please her spirit. He then went completely different from who he was before and after 50 years of collecting dolls, he was found dead, drowned in the same spot as the little girl was. Now, local legend say that the dolls move their heads and arms and can even open their eyes. Some witnesses also claimed to have heard whispers coming from them while others who were on a boat near the island said that they were being lured in by those dolls.

  1. Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island, JapanBeing forgotten after being abandoned is such a tragic happening. That’s the case of Hashima Island, Japan where in it used to be a coal mining facility where population reached a peak of more than 5,250 people in the year 1959. After discovery of petroleum, the usage of coals decreased thus the Hashima was abandoned, and was given the title, “Ghost Island”. Hashima, now deserted and neglected guards the entrance to Nagasaki Harbor like an odd, dead lighthouse, appealing little attention from the curious stares of people on passing ships. 

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