What makes someone accept a weird job?

Some just have different jobs than most people; some are cooks, doctors, lawyers, teachers or bus drivers. Here are those who get up every day and finish their weird jobs on time and in a professional manner. 

What makes someone accept a weird job?

  • Pet Food Tester – 
Pet Food Tester
A regular job, as it may seem, however, pretty unusual. Can people really judge on pet food? Can a human tell whether the food would suit the hungry mutt or the cuddly kitty? However, if people choose not to eat food of 0% taste why should animals agree on that? Nutrition is a very important issue in the pets’ upbringing; healthy food helps them develop and grow, but also makes them happy – it’s one of their major things in life. Even though a dog would eat anything, it does not mean it should. Pet food testers just taste the food; after they have checked the taste by putting the food into their mouths, they immediately spit it out. If they find it disgusting, that kind of food is out of the game. If pets could talk, they would be more than thankful to pet food testers. Moreover, the pet food connoisseurs are doing the loving creatures a big favor!

  • Roadkill Cleaner – 
Not a very pleasing job, but somebody has to do it. It is pretty easy – it’s all about removing and cleaning bodies of dead animals off the roads. Luckily, there is always a lot of work to do. Some of the animals are very slow thus, they cannot escape the raging car and some are just reckless, so they easily meet sudden death. The roads should be clean, so we always need an eager beaver to take those cadavers away; those are usually snakes, birds, turtles, rats, possums, dogs, etc. The most common victim of a roadkill is a deer. Even though this is not a very pleasant job, one should keep in mind that there are openings all the time – animals get run down as we speak!

  • Fortune Cookie Writer – 
Fortune Cookie Writer This is a real dream-job for any creative person, even for a writer. Even though it seems very simple, it is not easy to come up with a short sentence that could change someone’s perception, even on a long-term plan. Those messages are some kind of aphorisms and many people tend to believe in those, that is why the writers have to keep them exciting and different. 

The job that requires an open-minded and a very creative spirit. 

Vomit Collector
  • Vomit Collector – 
A nasty job, but not the nastiest of all. If people get sick in a rollercoaster ride in an amusement park, there must be a person among the staff who is supposed to clean up the mess. Back in history, a vomit collector was an every-day job – the Romans were fond of food and wine, and the only way to continue eating and drinking constantly was to stop and vomit and then continue with the feast. They would usually do it into the bowls just beside them so they would not have to leave the dining room. That is when the vomit collectors report on duty. 

  • Professional Fart Smeller – 
No need to worry, your job is not the worst in the world. The Chinese believe that a person’s health condition can be recognized by the smell of one’s fart. This “fart diagnostics” can be very useful in setting the right patient diagnosis; it could even save a life. As weird as it sounds, a professional fart smeller is a job of great responsibility. 
Professional Fart Smeller

  • Funeral Makeup Artist – 
Funeral Makeup Artist A quite spooky job, right? The funeral makeup artist is the person who prepares the deceased for the open-casket funeral. Some people find this tradition very bizarre and morbid, while others want the deceased to be presentable. Funeral makeup artistry is a serious and hard-working job; it includes embalmment, makeup and a lifelike colorlessness of the eyes and face of the deceased. This funeral cosmetology sounds very grotesque, however some experts can really transform the decease’s body. Your loved ones can really rest in peace, as they deserve. 

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