Weird Wedding Traditions

There are many different Traditions in every countries, region and religion for marriage. Traditions and the Styles of the ceremony of wedding may differ, too. Some of the extremely weird wedding traditions in different countries is found very quaint yet amusing.

Weird Wedding Traditions

 13 very uncommon wedding traditions are as follows:

  •  Getting Married to animal
Marrying with an animal is not legal in any countries. Yet in some countries, girls are still being married to animals keeping the conservative thinking.
Getting Married to animal
  • A Black Bride
This weird tradition is followed in Scotland. Every Bride in Scotland has to go through this when her friends and relatives do this to her.
A Black Bride
  •  Kissing Party

Some of the weirdest tradition is found in Sweden. Where every men in the ceremony kisses the bride and vice versa every girl kisses the groom (Really!!!).
Kissing Party
  • Breaking the plate and crockery
Every guest at the wedding is supposed to bring crockery for the couple which they break at the ceremonyAt the Engagement ceremony,  the wedding document, a pre-wedding contract that sets out this agreement, was read out loud, signed and witnessed, and a piece of crockery was smashed to seal the deal. 
Breaking the plate and crockery
  • To steal the shoes
In India in the marriage ceremony the bride and the groom are directed to remove their footwear before stepping into the mandap for the holy rituals. Bride’s sisters and friends steal the groom’s shoes. After the marriage the groom have to give some money for getting them back. 
To steal the shoes
  • The father of the bride spits on her face and chest
In one of the tribes of Africa, the father of the bride is supposed to spit on his daughter’s face and chest.
  • Straw Boys  
It is an Irish wedding custom. In the wedding party group of people disguised their faces in various ways, some are brandishing sticks, and their colorful clothes are adorned with straw. They takes over the floor and start dancing. All the boys are covered with hay and pushed into a hut. According to the tradition, the groom goes to the bride’s house and dances with her and other girls if present in the house.
Straw Boys

  • Getting married to a tree or plant
In the Hindu society marriage with trees, plants and inanimate objects are quite common instances. Basil plant and banyan tree are most common bridegrooms in Hindu Culture. There is a conservative tradition in India that a mangalik girl needs to marry to banyan tree for getting married.
  • White Wedding dress
All the brides wear colorful clothes in Marriage. But in Western culture bride dresses White wedding dress. White color dress become popular after the Queen Victoria’s marriage, where white gown was worn by Queen. After the marriage portrait got published many brides opted for white in accordance to the queen’s choice.
  • Hands Painted before marriage
Before the wedding in India, bride, her female friends and family decorate their hands and fleet with designs which is known as Mehndi.
  • Baby Bridesmaids
Royal Weddings in United Kingdom do bridesmaid with some twist. Where the brides attendants are young girls.
  • Slaughtering a Cow
Traditional Zulu weddings are marked by vibrant colors and dance-offs between the bride and groom's families. Like many brides across the world, Zulu brides might start the day in a Western "white wedding" dress, but change into traditional tribal clothing after a church wedding. In a traditional ceremony, the groom's family slaughters a cow to welcome the bride. The bride places money inside the stomach of the cow to symbolize that she is now part of the family.

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