Weird Religions and Their Spells

Religions vary around the world; some of them are traditional and one can easily understand them, while others differ in practice and perception. Here are three that really make a difference. 

  • Voodoo – 

                  One of the most powerful religions in the world, mostly practiced in Africa, has very powerful magic spells, from a various range of those for love, sex, curses, healing, money, revenge, etc. People who practice the voodoo believe that they all have a spiritual ancestor. There are three types of voodoo: the West African from Ghana and Benin, the Haitian voodoo and the one practiced in the United States, in Louisiana. Haitian voodoo is actually closely relating to Christianity; many Christian traditions and beliefs make part of this unusual religion. For example, the Haitian voodoo understands several gods and the believers name their families after Christian saints. On the other hand, the West African voodoo is the quite opposite – the only have one god and one ruler. 
                 The voodoo doll is quite misinterpreted in modern society; it does not really represent the actual person. The doll is the personification of the person who is in question, the person with current problems, asking for help or healing, any kind of assistance. The magician would use a pin in order to attach the persons personal belonging (a lock of hair or a photograph) to the doll; the pin is considered to be the instrument of pain. It can be other thing attached to the doll: flower petals, money or garlic which are all intended to awake the spirits who are to help the person in need.                 Voodoo does not recognize white and black magic as many others do; white being the good magic and black being the evil one. With voodoo, it is called red magic – when an evil person awakes the evil spirit to do bad, that’s when we witness red magic. That is why the magician’s eyes turn red during a ritual; the evil spirits had taken over and evil is present. Even though the voodoo is based on the good, that benevolent spirit can turn evil; that is why the voodoo involves two practitioners, a Queen, a female practitioner, and a Doctor, a male practitioner, who protect from the evil and try to stop red magic before it reigns over.

  • Wicca           A neo-pagan religion which has been introduced in Britain in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner; many new traditions have been formed over time. Even though Wicca is not an ancient religion, it does have some characteristics of the esoteric – some mysticism of the East, British legend and elements of the Kabballah. 

The Wiccan religion understands and honors both male and female deities; a Wiccan can honor a specific god or an unspecific one or maybe one can choose a corresponding tradition. When a Wiccan dedicated himself to the gods of the chosen tradition that is called an initiation, a form of a symbolic rebirth. Individuals may advance in the Wiccan degree system. 
          Magic is present with the Wiccans and represents nothing unusual. The Wiccans believe that natural energy should be directed in order to change the world around us, to make it a better place for everyone. The Wiccans use various magic tools such as candles, herbs and crystals and they usually perform in a sacred circle. Practically any Wiccan can perform magic after some time, not only the priesthood. Therefore, it’s a religion with no boundaries, open for all.

  • The Vlach magic              By its strength, the Vlach magic is believed to be right next to voodoo. It is practiced by an ethnic minority in East Serbia – the Vlachs. Even if their beliefs are a part of a pagan mythology, Vlachs are mostly Orthodox Christians. The Eastern part of Serbia is filled with Vlach practicing their magic. Those are usually old women, hidden in faraway villages, in the mountains, but there is no mountain and no village in Eastern Serbia without a Vlach witch. 
            They use many “tools” in their magic one of the most interesting ones is “ghastly water” which is used for bathing a dead body. The witches usually put that water in someone’s coffee or drink so the one who drinks it suffers the magic spell. They also use little children’s hair and nails, which are strong tools in spells for healing or fertility. Vlach women use the water where newborn kittens were born; as the kittens were blind at the time, the person who drinks the water will go immediately blind. There is no real protection from the Vlach magic; some showed good protection through times, such as garlic, a black cat’s shoulder blade, tar or a pack red matches. One should never drink coffee or any drink in a Vlach house if the drink was not prepared in front of the guest, and also – never take a candy from a Vlach house. The spell is on you.
one in Haiti,

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