Weird crime stories that shocked everyone

Crime investigation stories which will make you crawl under your blanket.

Funny, bizarre or weird we have crime stories that will draw a chill in your spine.

  • Albert Fish

Being a grandfather, a gentle aged person who would lure children into his den and murder them. Prepared recipes to eat them. His family namely his wife and children thought him to be a good husband and an ideal father. What inner problems caused him turn into such a monster was unclear. John Borowski's film on this subject has raised an interesting perspective into light about several disappearances.

  •   The Suicide Website Murderer

Internet gives us with ease of access to data and information on many varieties of videos; which can be utilized in a negative light. Take into account a scenario, where depressed and frustrated Japanese citizens worried to be alone when dying used the internet to form death suicide deals. After choosing potential partners online in the web, they meet up at some place and kill themselves. A disturbing and insensitive trend, but then for such depressed people who are perfect scapegoats for killers like Hiroshi Maeue.
Maeue, Suffering from Paraphillic Psychosexual disorder, thereby only gets pleasure after hurting people. This guy’s weird pleasure was in killing and strangling. In the period between 1988 to 2005 he tried to strangulate many people and got several sentences. 

  • The Murderous Reporter

A crime reporter from Macedonia took investigative journalism to a whole new level with in detail coverage of the murders of women aged between 55-60. Vlado Taneski had become a serial killer in the town of Kiceva. In the year 2000, Taneski wrote an article on the death of three women having every minute detail of how they died. On reading the article the local police had a suspicious eye on the reporter. Local cops decided to have DNA sample tested for the reporter. The DNA sample reports showed that indeed the reporter was behind the murders.
Once the Reporter was convicted and on further investigations cops found that the reporter had killed all three women in the same age group as her mother. His mother used to work as a cleaner and the three women were all cleaners. Taneski had a very bitter relationship with his mother which caused him to plan all these killings. On trial Taneski committed suicide before he was punished for his crimes. A suicide driven with guilt.

  • Whips and Chains

A trucker Rhoades who’s CB handle read as “Whips and Chains” planned this crime also it may not shock you that he was well known figure in the BDSM business. Rhoades would pick up young girl-hitchhikers at several truck stops and gas pumps. He won their trust with his skilled cool and confident approach. He would chain and tie them up shave their heads and bodies and then would take out a box case full of clips, whips, needles, and dildos. When he was finished with his fun, Rhoades killed his victims using piece of available wire.
The truck torturing young girls moved around America freely till April 1, 1990, when one fine day a cop from Arizona found Rhoades with hazard lights turned on. While the officer checked, he found a nude woman bounded and tied up in the cab. Rhoades was then arrested, and sent behind bars investigators started checking into his previous history and found many such similar cases where he killed the female victim.


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