Weird Bridges in the World

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Weird Bridges in the World

When the world was made, there was nothing but unknown creatures and species everywhere. The world continued revolving around the sun and its orbit as man started inventing and discovering things that were considered mysterious and they kept on doing so up until this moment. Early people wanted to travel places that are beyond their knowledge. They wanted to know things beyond the horizon they see with their own eyes. And luckily, there was a thing that helped them connect with other places, now known as bridges. Bridges are structures made in order to let people pass through a place to another. Though in our modern world today, you should expect the unexpected and bewildering ideas people started applying to bridges present in every places.

  • Henderson Waves, Singapore
Known as the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore with a length of 270 meter long, this is one of the most must- see things in the world! Why, you ask? It is because of its unique way of portraying what artistry is all about with its idiosyncratic wave- like construction that consists series of ribs that have been curved. And the ribs were doubled up as nooks in order to provide cover for the public who wishes to go here. This bridge is also a very famous site for photography due to its scenic skyline that most wedding couples go to have their pictorial there. The overall site of this bridge is really something that would make you awe of it and realize how the world is becoming more wonderful as days pass by.
Henderson Waves, Singapore

  • Da Vinci Bridge, Norway
Did the name ring a bell? That’s right! The bridge came up from a famous painter of all time, Leonardo da Vinci. The bridge was sketched by the said painter but actually the design was brought to reality after 500 years later by an artist named Vebjorn Sand. Did you know? The reason why Leonardo’s idea was not accepted and disposed was that because the sketch itself was unbelievable and the design was too much advance for his time. Sand was said to have fallen in love with the bridge that he took it to Norway but had a little conversion on the design which made it to a small pedestrian bridge open for all the people who want to have a walk.
Da Vinci Bridge, Norway

  • Helix Bridge, Singapore
Helix Bridge, Singapore
Just like the structure of the DNA, this bridge found in Singapore was constructed and designed looking like a helix. People enjoyed their stay in this bridge especially the awesome visual experience during the night where in it will be illuminated by sequences of lights that would highlight its double helix structure. 

This Helix Bridge had won the award as the World’s best Transport Building and was also recognized by BCA (Building and Construction Authority) that really made Singapore very proud. If you would ever want to have a very peaceful and calming scenery, don’t hesitate to visit this known Helix Bridge in Singapore.

  • Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands
Also known as Flying Drawbridge, this bridge was constructed with a very peculiar way of doing things. Can you imagine a bridge that can swing a section of the road itself in and out? That kind of sounded absurd, didn’t it? But Slauerhoffbrug has proved that anything can really happen. This bridge can easily and quickly be raised and lowered down from a pylon that permits water traffic to be able to pass  whereas only temporarily blocks and stops road traffic. This bridge is L- shaped and have a foundation that is sitting just adjacent to the road.
Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands

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