Unusual Weather phenomenon from around the world

Unusual weather phenomenon from different regions of the earth. Some of them you may have witnessed in movies but never really knew what it was called. Read on for some very interesting mother nature’s weather stories.

Unusual weather phenomenon

  •   Mammatus Clouds

Travelling around the world you may have witnessed clouds of several shapes and sizes. Clouds which are dark colored, white colored and of various patterns. Mammatus clouds is one such cloud which is fascinating to look. Clouds are often associated with rain and storms and thus similarly in this case Mammatus clouds are mostly linked with thunderstorms. Researches are yet not clear as to how these Mammatus clouds are formed.
Mammatus Clouds

  • Haloes

Like Mammatus clouds these are another such weather phenomenon which are found around the sun due to refraction of moisture through sun rays to the upper atmosphere. In this phenomenon an area of arcs or circle surrounding the Sun will become brighter. Haloes are also found circling the moon or for that matter any bright star. In some cases two or more areas surrounding the sun can be found.

  •  Noctilucent Clouds

These are high clouds that are formed in the sky emanating light during dusk. They refract light when sun has already set. These cloud light up some areas of the sky when there is no seeming light source.

Noctilucent Cloud

  •  Aurora Borealis

These are the weather phenomenon seen around the poles of the earth. When the charged particles from the sun reach the upper atmosphere of earth’s surface and become excited. These patterns in the sky are a photographer’s delight giving them enough natural beauty to focus.
Aurora Borealis

  • St Elmos Fire

This interesting weather occurrence appears like a fire which is a luminous plasma appearing near objects such as lightning rods or Ship masts.  It was named St Elmo after a patron. Who was referred to as a saint among sailors!
St Elmos Fire

  •  Non-aqueous Rain

Ever heard of a rain which does not involve water. These are type of rains are heard throughout history. In these kind of rain usually there is a rain of animals. Weather men are still unaware of the reason for such kind of event.
Non-aqueous Rain

  •  Virga

In this type of phase it is observed that a trail forms from the clouds to the ground. What actually causes this to happen? When ice crystals break from the cloud and fall towards the ground they evaporate and thus forming a trace along the way. These traces of vapor when looked from far appear to be proceeding towards ground surface thus forming visual spectacle for the observer.

  • Katabatic Winds

Dense wind that blows through at very high speed along the Antarctic and several other regions of the world. These winds are typically found flowing from higher regions to lower regions thus causing health hazard to the people residing on the adjacent areas. 
Katabatic Winds
  • Green Ray

Also known as Green flash this event occurs during a brief few minutes of sunset and early morning sun rise. The sky is filled with a Green light caused by refraction of light in the atmosphere.
Green Ray

  •  Fire whirls

Named as Fire whirl it appears as a giant tornado of fire approaching towards you. This is a rare event wherein fire flames form a tornado like vortex. This whirls can be of various shapes and sizes and can cause major destruction to life and property.
Fire Whirls

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