Unusual things people have insured

World’s most unique and weirdest insured things and policies which will make your eyes pop out.

For people having weird kind of thinking and looking for insurance against events which have slimmest possibility of occurring have made several headlines. Here is a compiled list of top 8 unusual things people have insured.

  •         Alien Abduction

Have you ever seen Aliens? For those who have seen in movies and theories, there are insurance companies out there that offer coverage in the event of Alien Abduction. Some of the companies offer Alien Abduction insurance ranging from $150 per $1.5 million in coverage. Companies like Farmer offer insurance in case of a UFO crash.

  •         Werewolf/Vampire/Zombie Attack
Some of us believe that a zombie apocalypse is coming; few are concerned of being attacked by creepy creatures like Werewolf/vampire etc. For people who are worried about their loved ones being attacked by a zombie or have fears that someday a vampire or werewolves’ will come for them. There are policies sold by Lloyd’s of London for such kinds of attack.

  • Paranormal Investigation

With shows like “Ghost Hunting” and “Ghost Adventures” paranormal investigation has gained some audience.Paranormal investigation societies regularly perform legitimate tests for ghost detection and thus like any other business they need coverage for the same.

  •         Body Parts

Hollywood Celebrities are known for doing weird kinds of insurances.Therefore, its comes off as no surprise that some of the celebrities have taken off and insured there body parts. Some illustrations of the same being Bette Davis’ waistline, Bruce Springsteen’s beautiful voice, and Julia Roberts’ great smile. Former Australian legendary cricket player Merv Hughes known widely for his huge moustache went ahead and insured it.

  •           Change of Heart

Wedding insurance covers a lot of things that could go wrong leading up to the wedding day, including schedule change losses, venue changes and change of mind or heart. Few of the policies cover a  damage for when the bride or groom has a change of heart.

  •         America Ferrera's Smile

Star of Ugly Betty fame America Ferrera’s smile was insured by Lloyds for 10$ million. Aqua fresh, the parent company for Aqua fresh white trays paid for the insurance. A whitening product for which the actress was working. It was part of charity event called smiles for success.

  •          Mariah Carey's Legs

R&B/pop singer and song-writer best known for her famous tracks, and already sold more than 200 million albums, videos and singles worldwide .Also famous for her great legs. Gillette Venus women’s razor brand had carried out a “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess" for a nationwide promotion.For this promotion activity Gillette insured Carey’s legs for a whopping $1billion.

  •        LoveInsurance

This is one of those insurance policies that you must have but you would have never heard of it. A photographer had decided to opt for this policy for the model he was filming in case she left her.Incidentally the model ended up doing the same and the policy helped the photographer recover the losses.  Mostly unusual but Ok.
There are several other potential uses here. For example think your lady friend goes all hyped up and then it becomes hard to love a crazy woman; that’s a lot of pain, heart break and suffering (not to mention all the time, dinners, flowers and other gifts you have showered her with and losses amounting to a high amount).In presence of this insurance you can minimize the financial impact of a break-up.Mention this with you partner and you might a look of disdain. Nevertheless a very useful option.


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