Unbelievable Medical Conditions that exist

Little do we know that there are a few people around the world living with the most bizarre medical conditions we couldn’t even imagine exist. These people have bravely embraced their problems and have survived despite the odds against them.


  • The Water Allergic Girl
Ashleigh Morris, has the rare medical condition of possessing an allergy to one of the crucial elements of life i.e. water. This poses problems that is hard to live with. Swimming is absolutely out of the question. Enjoying a hot shower is something she would have to do without. If that wasn’t enough, she is allergic to her own sweating in the sun and also her own tears. She develops a sore rash due to the allergic reaction. This is an extremely unusual skin syndrome known as Aquagenic Urticaria and only a minority suffer from it around the world. Ashleigh has been living with this malady since she was just fourteen.

  • The Tic Tacs Girl
Natalie Cooper doesn’t have much choice when it comes to food. She can only consume Tic Tacs without getting sick because every time she consumes anything other than Tic Tacs, she falls sick. This condition of hers has exasperated many doctors and they haven’t been able to come up with a logical reason behind why Tic Tacs are the sole things than her stomach doesn’t react to. In order to sustain herself, she is required to obtain her major nutrients from a special tube.

  • The Boy who Stayed Awake for years
Rhett Lamb couldn’t sleep. As perplexing as it sounds, it is true. Rhett had stayed awake for approximately 24 hours a day for many years until a cure could be found. The lack of sleep affected his behavior which was more often than not extremely vexing. He was diagnosed for a very rare brain disorder known as chiari malformation wherein part of his brain was literally pressed against the spinal cord; the part which is responsible for all the sleep activity. After a successful surgery, Rhett has been relieved of this challenging condition and is completely healthy now.

  • The Ice Man
Wim Hof defies natural norms regarding the fatality of surviving in cold temperatures not meant for any average human. The Dutchman can endure and even stay healthy in temperatures so low that no normal person can. Scientists are baffled at his condition and do not have a satisfying explanation regarding his malady. The Dutchman has hiked on Mount Blanc wearing only his shorts in the freezing cold. He has taken up challenges by standing in containers packed with ice. He has gone swimming in chilly waters without getting affected. He has succeeded in holding several world 
records owing to this condition.

  • The Girl who flops down when she gets Emotional
Kay Underwood suffers from cataplexy which renders her muscles weak when she experiences any strong emotion.  Any strong emotion such as anger, surprise, exhilaration, fear, embarrassment or laughter instigates her muscles to dramatically go limp and collapse down on the floor all of a sudden. Kay has been battling with this condition for more than five years and finds it exasperating when it comes to coping with reactions from strangers. She not only suffers from cataplexy but like most other cataplexy sufferers, she is also combatting narcolepsy which makes her suddenly go to sleep without a prior warning.

  • The Technology Allergic Woman
Debbie Bird, has a bewildering sensitivity to e.m.f or Electromagnetic Field generated by modern technology; which means she cannot go about doing things which people most commonly do today, like using a cellphone, microwave or even travel in cars. Her skin reacts by developing rashes and her eyelids also react by swelling up at least twice their size if she goes near any gadget. She lives in an e.m.f-free zone to stay healthy.

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