Tom Cruise net worth

Tom Cruise is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has starred in numerous films and he is also a successful producer. The actor has a long and fruitful career, with various awards and nominations along the way. Cruise is the guy who would dance in the living room, wearing a white shirt. He is the tough guy going on an impossible mission and the one who would stare into Nicole Kidman’s eyes in one of the sexiest films ever made. He is the kind of actor that you never forget and the kind who has managed to transform every one of his role into a smashing success. From the start of his career and to the present times, Tom Cruise has become a genuine Hollywood icon. So, you can understand why Tom Cruise net worth is somewhere around $500 million.
When you say Tom Cruise, you say American cinema. Tom Cruise has been nominated for three Oscars and he has won three Golden Globes but many other awards as well. Born in 1962, he had a rough childhood, as his family was poor and his father was abusive. He started his film career in 1981, when he was just 19 years old. The first film in which he starred was Endless Love and it took several years before one could talk about Tom Cruise as a movie star. Tom Cruise net worth started to increase when he landed the role in Top Gun, in 1996. A star was born and soon he was going to become one of the biggest Hollywood movie stars.
Tom Cruise net worth is clearly related to the films in which he has starred. When the Mission Impossible movie came out, it broke any record, gathering the whooping amount of $547 million. He continued to star in one movie after the other, gathering impressive sums of money. When he decided to star in War of the Worlds and work with the ever famous Steven Spielberg, the Tom Cruise net worth was already at a high level. But he wanted more. And he got it, as War of the Worlds gathered an amazing sum of $591 million worldwide. He is simply one of the best and Hollywood knows it. 2005, Tom Cruise was recognized by the People Magazine as one of the favorite male actors in Hollywood. A careful analysis of the movies Tom Cruise has made will show us that almost all of his films have been a box office hit, gathering over $100 million in revenue. When he made Oblivion, the movie gathered $200 million. And if we were to do the math, it would be safe to say that Tom Cruise net worth is of $7.9 billion in movies. 
Tom Cruise did not stop to pursue his dreams. He formed his own production company in 1993 and became a filmmaker as well. In a short period of time, he became the manager of the United Artists film studio. This contributed to an increase of the Tom Cruise net worth. He was named as one of the most beautiful people in the world by the People Magazine. He owns a property in Beverly Hills, has a passion for expensive cars (Bugatti, Porsche) and also possesses a private jet.

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