Toby Keith Net Worth

NET WORTH : Toby Keith

Toby Keith is a musician. Let’s have a look on his net worth

Toby Keith is a professional singer and he is famous for his outstanding contribution in the music world. Toby Keith was born on 1961, in Oklahama. From his earlier age, he had a keen interest in music. When he was a boy of eight, he got his first guitar. He rendered a service in a super club and the owner of that club was his grandmother. He also played in USFL football league. But he could not continue playing football for a long period. However, Toby Keith was inspired by the musicians of that super club and diverted himself into music to build up his career as a musician.

When Toby Keith was a boy of twenty he and his friend Keith Cory and Scott Webb formed a band. They started to play music in the local bars. In 1990, Toby Keith signed a contract with Mercury records. His records include ‘Bottom town’, ‘Blue moon’, ‘how do you like me’ etc. His ‘How do you like me’ album was able to bring enormous popularity. His ‘I am so happy I cannot stop crying’ album was able to get the nomination for the Grammy award.  ‘How you do like me’ album won the Academy of Country Music award. His ‘Unleashed’ album was sold more than 3 million copies. In 2002 as well as 2003, he was given the award ‘Entertainer of the year’ by the ACM. His ‘Shock’n Y’All’ album was able to place the top position of his own country album chart. In 2004, Toby Keith and his partner Wille Nelson were awarded for the duet album-‘Beer for my horses’. In 2005, his ‘Honky-tonk University’ album was released. Actually, it was a duet album and he featured Merle Haggard in this album. Totally Toby Keith released 16 studio albums, 2 Christmas albums and 3 complication albums. worth of Toby Keith is $500 million. His earnings increased rapidly from the year 2010 to 2013. He is the owner of a property named Nashville Crash Pad. Toby Keith spent $1.35 million for that property. It measures 3428 square feet. This property is located in Nashville. Toby Keith and his wife own a luxurious property in Oklahama and it measures   8714 square feet. It was aoristically decorated for fun as well as relaxation. The space of 2500 square feet of this house offers the facility of Theatre as well as art. These are the source of entertainment.

 The house of Toby Keith which is located in Oklohama includes a garage which is able to accommodate 8 stylus cars at a time. In his collection, he has Ford expedition car, Chevy Impala car, Ford mustang car and Lincoln car. These cars are famous for their classy appeal. Toby Keith prefers to drive Chevy Impala and Lincoln and these cars are able to provide him adequate fantasy. He uses Harley Davidson bike for the highway ride.

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