The Youngest Inventors in History

The Youngest Inventors in History

There are many inventors in the history of humankind; however, some of them were only teenagers, child prodigies. Take a look!

George WestinghouseGeorge Westinghouse
he invented the patent of the rotary steam engine when he was only 19 years old, back in 1865. He actually made a revolution in the railroad industry at the time. He invented the steam engine but also other innovations relevant for the development of the railroad system. The other revolutionary patent was the railroad braking system, which worked on using compressed air. This brought great safety to travelling and the trains were much faster than before. In 1905, almost all trains had the Westinghouse Quick Action Automatic Brake. 

Philo Farnsworth Philo Farnsworth
This guy is responsible for the television we adore and watch today, and he was only 14 when he invented it. A teenage boy from Idaho made the first real sketch of what later became an electric television set. He spent the rest of his life trying to create the first electronic image device, a device that would be displaying a real electronic image. He is actually the godfather of contemporary television and he also created the first image dissector and the first video-camera tube.

George Nissen George Nissen
The inventor of the trampoline at the age of sixteen; he created the first modern trampoline in his home garage and he was helped by his gymnastics coach. When he finished college, Nissen had a very successful career in gymnastics and he won a few championships for the Iowa University. After his business studies, Nissen travelled a lot and while he was in Mexico, he heard of the Spanish world “trampoline”. One year later, Nissen created the gym gadget himself, also using the Spanish world and it became a real hit worldwide. 

Horatio Adams Horatio Adams
The teenager who invented the bubble gum. All credits actually go to his father Thomas, but it was really the son who invented this fun gum. Adams bought some Mexican chicle and he was trying to get this natural substance into the transformed state of a rubber substitute. After many experiments, Adams realized that he could be transforming the chicle into a chewable substance. This is how he created two hundred of those chewable substances that were later called bubble gums. He hired the local pharmacist to sell the gum and one was sold for only one penny at the time. 

Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal
The talented 19-year-old was a true child prodigy and he was finely educated by his father who was in the French tax business. He actually created the first mechanical calculator back in 1642, while working at his father office, helping him with tax calculations. His father was a tax collector for the crown and this environment was a perfect working place for Pascal. He created a little wooden box with sixteen dials that could turn around – this allowed precise subtractions and additions. Before Pascal, Leonardo da Vinci tried to make one of those calculators as well, but he failed. 

Louis Braille Louis Braille
Another French prodigy; Braille was blinded by accident when he was a child and he enrolled the school for the visually impaired children in Paris. The school had specially made books for blind children; the students were using their hands while reading by touching the raised words on the book pages. Braille had a brilliant idea of creating raised dots instead of letter. The Braille alphabet is a true masterpiece, used all around the world. 

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