The World’s Smallest Animals

All animals are beautiful and loving in their own way but the smallest animals in the world can really astound you with their cuteness. 

The World’s Smallest Animals

The smallest and the cutest animals in the world. 

  •   The World’s Smallest Lizard
                 This cute little guy can also stand on a quarter of a US dollar. A grown up lizard of the Sphaerodactylus ariasae is only 0.6 inches long form the tip of his nose to the end of his tale. He is the true descendent of Sphaerodactylus parthenopion who was found in the British Virgin Islands back in 1965, the previous world’s smallest lizard.
The World’s Smallest Lizard

  • The World’s Smallest Snake
                The world’s smallest snake in only four inches long and lives in Barbados islands. Some of those can be found measuring even less than four inches and they go under the name of Leptotyphlops carlae.  These snakes are thin as spaghetti and the size of a US quarter of a dollar. Can you imagine something that small? 
The World’s Smallest Snake

  • The World’s Smallest Dog
    The world’s smallest puppy lives in Massachusets in the USA and is actually a short-haired Chihuahua. This cute puppy holds the Guinness World Record for the world smallest living dog. His name is Ducky, he is 4.9 inches tall, and he is the descendent of another small creature from Slovakia, a Chihuahua that was only 5.4 inches tall. However, the smallest dog ever was a Yorkshire terrier only 2.8 inches – unbelievable! 
The World’s Smallest Dog

  • The World’s Smallest Horse
    The world’s smallest horse is only 17 inches tall; this little girl was born on a farm owned by Paul and Kay Goessling who specialize in miniature horse breeding. They named her Thumbelina but she is even smaller that she is supposed to be for her breed; Thumbelina is a dwarf but the famous world’s smallest horse. How cute!
The World’s Smallest Horse

  • The World’s Smallest Cat
    The world’s smallest kitty is so precious and only 6.1 inches high and 19.2 inches long. His name is Mr. Peebles, a three-year-old cat, living in Illinois. 
The World’s Smallest Cat

  • The World’s Smallest Chameleon
    This precious little guy is the world’s smallest chameleon and only 0.5 inches long. He belongs to the species Brookesia Minima, the smallest chameleon species in the whole world. He lives in Madagascar and female chameleons of the species are usually larger than males. 
The World’s Smallest Chameleon

  • The World’s Smallest Fish
    The world’s smallest fish is only 0.3 inches long and was discovered in Indonesia, in the island of Sumatra. This small fellow belongs to the family of carp fish – Paedocypris progenetica. Besides this incredibly small animal, we should also mention a male anglerfish, actually a sexual parasite, 0.2 inches long and the male stout fish 0.27 inched long.
The World’s Smallest Fish

  • The World’s Smallest Cattle
    The breed of the world’s smallest cattle breed is an Indian zebu, or the Vechur cow, only 31 inches tall, and it can grow only to 35 inches. The miniature Indian cow is actually a crossbreed cow and officially the smallest cow in the world. 
The World’s Smallest Cattle

  •  The World’s Smallest Seahorse
    Actually, we cannot call it an animal; it’s the world’s smallest “creature”. It is also known as Hippocampus denise, only 0.6 inches long, smaller than a human fingernail. Some of them can grow up to 1 inch long, which is extremely rare. The world’s smallest seahorse lives in the Pacific Ocean, in the warm tropical waters. 
The World’s Smallest Seahorse

  • The World’s Smallest Hamster
    Pee Wee is the world’s smallest hamster and he is only 0.9 inches tall. He actually stopped growing when he was only three weeks old; however he became famous and the definitely the cutest hamster in the entire world.

The World’s Smallest Hamster

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