The world after 100 years from now.......

We all have some ideas about our life after several years but how everything will be after 100 years? IMAGINE…..        

The world after 100 years from now.......
There can be some concepts about (Actually WILD CONCEPTS) how the environment, technology and energy would shape us. How the lifestyle would be? Certainly, movies as 2012 gives us a terrific dream along this thinking. But let’s not think about the end of the earth or anything to be END. Let’s think about how it can be like after this many years of advancement in technological concepts.
Certainly some of you would be thinking it as SCI-FI, What if this would be possible? 
  • We might have the ability to talk via thought transmission not? Anything can be possible. There is a good chance of this, as transmission would be easier as other forms of brain augmentation. Yeah, telepathy is something that everyone wants (RIGHT?)           
If you just don’t believe me what I said about BRAIN TO BRAIN Talks, there is a study done by BIDMC… See the link below
The study Shows that the team consisting of neuroscientists and engineers (Robotics) used different “neuro technics” for sending messages through the internet between the two subjects being 5000 miles apart (India & France).  
  • Cleaner Environment then now?
I found this most logical. The environment after 100 years from now would be much better. Now you will ask why? The UN conference on climate change has the point on this as 100 years from now the countries would utilize clean energy (Wind, solar, nuclear energy or anything else which is not yet invented. Who knows? ) opposed to fossil fuels. This optimistic though is because the countries won’t have any option then switching to cleaner fuels.
  • Technological advancement in 100 years... What to expect? first thought after writing this title was there would be something like IPhone 100 but not like this. According to futurologists Patrick tucker & Ian Pearson, The technology would be in a stage where the human bodies will be embedded with computers. In simple words the humans would have the some built in chip in their brain which would make them work faster.  Human geniuses .......

  • Framing would be moved to Oceans….
The population of the world population has reached 7 billion today (or more). After 100 years thinking about 8-9 billion people on earth cannot be considered as madness. So feeding people would be the biggest issue as the farming lands would be much more tumbled, So the farming in the oceans would be only option. The farming would be of fish as well as of algae. (Algae would be a good resource of renewable energy)…. See this

  • We will be able to control the whether… is already some technologies for controlling whether for making it rain, mediating tornadoes and so on. So, in 100 years we would have the weather controlling devices which can help us creating rain for greater and better harvesting. But this device can be seen as different side of a coin, as it also can be used as weapon.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
There will be surely AI technology is going to be at its new pick. The AI technology is used in every industries such as gaming, finance, media as well as in the robotics, medical diagnosis etc. As well as this technology is to be dealt with lots of precautions cause we do remember the Terminator, being the freaky. So I remember a dialogue from spider man movie for this “With great power comes great responsibility"

This are some of the many changes we may expect from the upcoming 100 years, Of course  SCI-FI (Our future) does not work as we think and the nature has its own way for development and destroying, Yet We all sleep with a hope that we will wake up tomorrow. But the uncertainty of the future gives our life a new thrill.

Give your opinions more ideas or what you want to see in next 100 years…………. Comment below

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