The Weirdest Girlfriends

Men usually want a normal relationship; however, many times things just go the wrong way.

The Weirdest Girlfriends

There are all kinds of women out there, but psychotic girlfriends are something special.

    The Weirdest Girlfriends
  •  Psycho Kristina 
    The 28-year-old gold-digger from Virginia, Kristina Pongracz, beat up her 77-year-old boyfriend with his cane. The police received a call from the estate where the couple was spending the weekend – Kristina got very drunk and she decided to take out all of her anger on the poor old man. When the police officer arrived, the man had already been on the floor, beat up with a cane, all covered in blood. Kristina lied right next to him, completely drunk, out of her mind. When she got sober in the hospital, she admitted of beating up her lover. The old man suffered grave injuries but he managed to survive and finally recover. 

    The Weirdest Girlfriends
  •  Psycho Tatiana
    A woman in Britain, Tatiana Bastos, stabbed her ex-boyfriend Ricardo in the penis, because he refused to have sexual intercourse with her. The poor guy broke up with Tatiana and soon found a new girlfriend. Tatiana found out about it and she was stalking him at his workplace for days. She finally caught him while he was entering his car and she started asking him for immediate sex. Ricardo was begging her to stop and he most kindly asked her to get out of the car and leave him alone. Tatiana went completely crazy and she stabbed Ricardo in the penis with an extra-large kitchen knife. She started making threats of killing him and then taking her own life as well. Somehow, Ricardo managed to escape the crazy woman; he called an ambulance and was immediately driven to the hospital to get his penis re-attached. The psychotic Tatiana was charged and sentenced to three years of prison time. 

    The Weirdest Girlfriends
  • Psycho Dominique
    Dominque Fisher is a tattooist from America who managed to carve her name, with a sharp knife, into the arm of the one-night-stand lover while he was sound asleep. The couple met at the nightclub and after a few drinks, they decided to spend the next four days together, having fun, drinks, drugs and sex, of course. The fourth morning, when the man woke up, he found carved up the girl’s name on his upper arm, on the right shoulder, that is. He was also cut with that same knife on his left shoulder, and psycho Dominique carved a star on his back. During the questioning, Dominique claimed that her lover agreed on having the strange “tattoos” but the man said that nothing similar had happened during their four-day-fling. Fortunately, the man was drunk and drugged up so he did not feel anything while Dominique was carving into his skin while he was sleeping. He went under some laser treatment to get the bizarre memories removed. 

    The Weirdest Girlfriends
  • Psycho Kira
    A woman in Russia was extremely upset when she found out her boyfriend Alik wanted to break up with her so she decided to tie up a bunch of firecrackers to his penis and light them up. The “happy” couple had a steady relationship for about two years and it was the perfect time for the girl to start insisting on marriage. Alik refused, said it would be a really bad idea and that he would rather get back with his ex-girlfriend with whom he had a son. The man started packing up and while moving out of Kira’s apartment, she suggested they should have one last pleasant dinner. The couple had a really nice meal, however, Alik got drunk at the dinner table and he fell asleep. Kira then attached the firecrackers to his penis and they all exploded – so did his penis. The doctors in the ER finally managed to save his life but his penis never recovered.

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