The Scariest Films of All Times

What does make a film so scary? What makes us shiver after watching it, not lettings us close our eyes and sleep peacefully? Which element scares us the most? Is the blood? Or the chainsaw in the arms of a serial killer? On the other hand, is it just the feeling that evil exists around us, waiting around the corner for its next victim?

The Scariest Films of All Times

Which is the scariest film cinematography gave us through history? Comment your list too...

  • The Silence of the Lambs
A film which is actually of the thriller genre, but scares the hell out of us while watching it. The film is made after Thomas Harris’ novel of the same title, introducing us a story of Hannibal Lecter, the outstanding psychiatrist with a very special side job – a cannibal and a serial killer. The young detective Starling, starred by Jodie Foster is seeking for help from Doctor Lecter, impersonated by the brilliant Anthony Hopkins, whose insight might help her in solving the case involving a serial killer “Buffalo Bill”. The atmosphere of this film just gets under your skin. 
The Silence of the Lambs

  • Suspiria
The outstanding horror directed by the famous Italian Dario Argento . It introduces a story of a ballet dancer who enrolls into the prestigious dance academy in Germany; however, the school is actually managed by a coven of witches. What makes this film even scarier is the music background; the soundtrack was originally made for Argento’s film by the Italian prog-rock band Goblin. Pretty spooky. 

  • Psycho
The famous Alfred Hitchcock’s horror-thriller; one is never safe again under the shower,  behind the curtain. The brilliant Anthony Perkins is a twisted motel manager and a psycho-killer and his victim is played by Janet Leigh; the murder of her character, Marion Crane, is the famous “shower scene” and one of the most legendary scenes in cinematography. This film is Hitchcock’s scariest story; even in the present times of modern film effects, Psycho never seems to fail in its exciting spookiness.
  • Rosemary’s Baby
One of Roman Polanski’s jewels. The film is actually based on a novel written by Ira Levin, a psychological horror story. The plot introduces a pregnant Mia Farrow having paranoid ideas about her husband offering their future child to their twisted neighbors so that they can use the baby in conducting their occult rituals. In return, he gets to succeed in his future acting career. Polanski brilliantly directed the film – it is horrifying, dark, full of suspicion and paranoia and very disturbing. There is an escalating atmosphere of paranoia and fear, a true horror story.
Rosemary’s Baby

  • Seven
Another horror-crime film dealing with a terrifying serial killer whose mission is to remind the world of the seven deadly sins. Two detectives, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, entangle themselves into the sick world of this sick-minded psychopath, desperately seeking for an answer. It is a truly poisonous film with an intense music background. David Fincher at his best, a neo-noir work of art.

  • The Shining
The famous adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, directed by the amazing Stanley Kubrick. The exceptional performance of Jack Nicholson is what makes this film even scarier to watch; the twisted writer and the recovering alcoholic loses his mind in an isolated hotel which leads him to killing his wife and son, descending into complete madness, driven by a supernatural force. One should not miss the documentary “Room 237” dealing with the filming of this horror story.

The Shining

  • Lost Highway
Another neo-noir made by the master of horror, David Lynch. The story is actually a psychological thriller, introducing a man, driven by unexplainable evil forces, going completely mad, ending up killing his wife. Suddenly, the film changes its course and introduces new characters, but yet so similar to the previous ones. The story is featured by a brilliant soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti and the super-talented Trent Reznor, with David Bowie also appearing with “I’m Deranged”. A true nightmare. 
Lost Highway

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