Susan Lucci Net Worth

Susan Lucci is one of the most popular names when it comes to American television. She is a woman of success and she looks fantastic for her age, despite the rumors that she might have gone under the knife. Victoria Lucci was born in 1946 and little did she know how important she was going to be one day. The beautiful Susan followed her passion for drama and graduated with a BA degree in drama when she was just 22 years old. Today, Susan Lucci is worldwide recognized as a professional American actress but she has also hosted television shows, written books and showed entrepreneurial skills. Given all her activity in the world of television, it should come as no surprise that Susan Lucci net worth is somewhere around $45 million.

Susan Lucci was 24 years old when she received the part of Erica Kane, in the Daytime Drama from ABC, known as ‘All my Children’. She continued to play this part until 2011, when the TV show was cancelled. This was the defining role of Susan Lucci’s career and the one that clearly contributed to an increase of the Susan Lucci net worth. Because of her outstanding performance in those series, she was named by TV Guide as the ‘Daytime’s Leading Lady’. Other recognitions came throughout her entire career and, today, she is renowned all over the world for her performance on television.
Television is a cruel place to survive, as the competition is fierce. Susan Lucci not only survived but she defeated the competition without the slightest bit of effort. She was presented as the highest paid actor in daytime television, this information appearing in two of the famous publications out there, meaning The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. In 1991, she was putting a name on the face of daytime television, receiving a whooping salary of $1 million per year. Her success did not fade with the passing of time and she continued to be Erica Kane for a long period of time. Moreover, the cancellation of the show was not her idea. It was because of all this endurance throughout time that Susan Lucci net worth continued to increase.

In 1996, TV Guide named Susan Lucci as one of the greatest television stars of all times. Her talent and skills were further recognized, as she received a star on the ever famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Soon after she received her very own star, she was also inducted on the Broadcasting Hall of Fame. As one recognition followed the other, she was also named as one of the top icons of all times by VH1. Barbara Walters named her one of the ten most fascinating people in the world and Susan Lucci happily accepted all of these nominations. Susan Lucci net worth is clearly recognized throughout the entire world.

Susan Lucci net worth does not come solely from television. She has her own line of cosmetics, lingerie and perfumes that has sold really well. Also, she has written an autobiography and the sales of her book were good. So, you see, you can really have everything if you fight for it. This is the lesson that Susan Lucci has taught all of us.

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