Strangest wedding locations

Everyone who has ever planned a wedding knows about the difficulties of selecting the venue. Have a look at these bizarre locations some couples have chosen to say their vows! 

Strangest wedding locations

It is fairly normal to get carried away with wedding plans in order to make one's special day extra special. Afterall, both bride and groom and their entire families will remember the big day forever. However, some couples seem to be going just a tiny bit over the top in choosing their strange wedding venues.

1. Underwater shark tank 

Not for the faint hearted but rather the hard core diving enthusiasts, such as April Pignataro and Micheal Curry from New York City who descended into a humungous shark tank in order to say their vows. The bride opted for an elegant, entirely white wet suit while the groom stayed with his traditional black and blue outfit. Safely nested inside a metal cage and surrounded by potentially dangerous animals such as sharks and eels, they pronounced their vows. Neither their officiant, nor their families entered the dangerous waters but rather stayed above ground and followed the event over a radio transmitter.


  1. Burning Man festival

This radical music festival and cultural event that takes places annually in Nevada's Black Rock Desert attracts a young, free, innovative, artistic crowd. Burning Man is all about radical self expression, so no wonder that more and more couples are choosing the venue to tie the knot. Surrounded by the desert, innovative art installations, and blasting futuristic music, this is an excellent spot for radical free spririts to say 'I do'. So much so that wedding ceremonies can actually be scheduled and couples' friends are able to apply for a licence to wed them!

  1. Bungee Jump platform

Bungee Jump platformThe bride and groom, their officiant and about 20 of their guests were lifted into a height of 160 feet on top of a bungee jump platform, in order to exchange rings and to symbolically, as well as literally, take a plunge into their married life together. Their musicians used a second platform. A three-course wedding breakfast followed and the reception continued in the heights, of course. Apparently other couples have been inspired and are trying to follow suit by planning similar bungee jump weddings. How would you feel about having to use a seat belt while eating your piece of wedding cake?

4. Mid-air

Sky high vows were also the plan of British couple Darren McWalters and Katie Hodson, who pronounced their everlasting love for each other on top several bi planes. The act of walking on a bi plane is called wing walking, however, during the wedding, for the sake of everyone's safety, bride and groom as well as their minister – each one on top of a seprate plane – were safely tied into their chairs. The ceremony was transmitted live to friends and family who followed the event, most likely not without any goosebumps, from the ground.

  1. While cycling
Why not? Couples who share common interests and spend time together doing activities they both enjoy have a much better chance at lasting relationship success. The lovely young Russian cycling enthusiast couple and their similarly bike crazy friends pedalled through town to arrive at the city hall where they tied the knot. The bride was wearing a knee-lenght gown, and tied her veil around her arm in a comfortable and practical manner while cycling. After the ceremony, they simply jumped back onto their bicycles and pedalled some more. Healthy, sustainable, heart-warming wedding on a budget!

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