Net Worth of Sultan of Brunei, A man of wealth

The Sultan of Brunei is a man who has expensive tastes. He loves luxury above anything else and he is not afraid to show it. With a passion for fine things, he continues to bask in the most luxurious and wonderful locations in the world.

Sultan of Brunei

Sultan of Brunei is a man of wealth, read more info about him

Sultan of Brunei
The Sultan of Brunei is one of the wealthiest people in the world, with expensive tastes and a passion for luxury. The Sultan of Brunei net worth is appreciated at $20 billion and it is believed that, at some point, this man was the richest individual in the world. Hassanal Bolkiah is the current Sultan of Brunei and the 29th in the history of the country. He is also Prime Minister and he detains a wide range of other important titles. He is the Head of State and his executive authority is recognized by his people. Also, he has received an honorary doctorate from the Moscow State University and an honorary commission from the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom.

Istana Nurul Iman
It has been said that the residence of the Sultan is one of the most expensive private accommodations in the world. Istana Nurul Iman is the official residence of the Sultan and it certainly adds to the Sultan of Brunei net worth. This lavish accommodation has an unbelievable surface of 20 ha and it encompasses 1788 rooms and an incredible number of 257 baths. The Sultan likes to lead a lavishing existence and his residence is certainly proof of the Sultan’s pleasures. This residence contains some of the most expensive pieces of art in the world, unique furniture and other decorations. It also contains a lot of gold, as this is one of the sultan’s passions.

When talking about the Sultan of Brunei net worth, one has to take into consideration the passion the Sultan has for cars. The Sultan has an expensive car collection that encompasses only rare cars (almost 4000 cars in the collection). Among the choices included in this rather unique collection, one will find cars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley and Rolls Royce. It has been said that the Sultan of Brunei net worth has been increased by the addition of cars that are made exclusively for him. And, given the Sultan’s passion for gold, it should come as no surprise that he has a Rolls Royce that is coated with 24 karat gold.
4000 cars in the collection

Apart from the private residence and the unique collection of luxury cars, the Sultan of Brunei net worth includes other assets, valued at $40 million. He also has other properties, including a Las Vegas property (valued at $37.5 million), one in Regent’s Park (valued at £110 million) and one in California (valued at $38 million). The collection of expensive and rare cars has been appreciated to add another $5 billion to the Sultan of Brunei net worth.

It is clear that a Sultan is a wealthy person. However, when you stop for a moment and read about the Sultan of Brunei, you can understand why he is considered one of the wealthiest individuals out there. He has a passion for expensive things and he is not afraid to pursue it. This is the reason why he has two personal jets, an Airbus and a Boeing. These two certainly add up to the Sultan of Brunei net worth.

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