Net Worth of Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins is a professional basketball player, read more info about her
Skylar Diggins

There are not many women who can say they are playing professional basketball. Skylar Diggins has just started her career as one and the future certainly holds a lot more for her. Diggins was born in 1990 and even from an early age she showed an interest in the world of basketball. She started to play basketball in high school and proved out to be really good at it. It was in 2013 that her professional career had started, when she was recruited by Tulsa Shock. It is very difficult for a woman to develop a career in this field but Skylar Diggins has taken only the right steps. Part of the Women’s National Basketball Association, the Skylar Diggins net worth is reported to be somewhere around $400.000. However, given how well she plays and how many wins she’s had, it should come as no surprise that her net worth is going to increase in the near future.

In order to fully understand the Skylar Diggins net worth, we need to go back to the period in which she played high school basketball. She was the best, managing to take the Panters to the state championships. She won and, soon after that, was named Gatorade Indiana Girls Basketball Player of the Year. She continued to amaze everyone around her, being named WBCA All-American. In 2009, she appeared in Sports Illustrated. Her success was gradual but everyone soon started to know who Skylar Diggins was and how good of a basketball player she actually was.
Skylar Diggins net worth increased when she started to play college basketball, for Notre Dame. Here, she was Miss Basketball Honoree and she received an award in 2011, for being the most outstanding player. 2011 was one of the best years for Skylar Diggins net worth, as the received numerous awards and was named Third Team All-American. She also was chosen as a finalist for the Nancy Lieberman Award (this award is given to the best point guard in the field of basketball) and the John R. Wooden Award.
Skylar Diggins In 2013, as it was already mentioned, Skylar Diggins started her professional basketball career, as she was drafted for Tulsa Shock. She was part of the All Rookie Team and met the expectations of those around her. Skylar Diggins net worth is different today, when she is a professional basketball player. Her salary might not amount to the ones in men’s basketball but she is indeed one of the best paid female basketball players. 2014 was considered as her breakout year, as she became All Star. 

It is a well known fact that the salaries from men’s basketball are higher compared to the ones from women’s basketball. Regardless of that fact, it is very difficult for a woman to be a professional basketball player and meet the demands of such a job. Congratulations to Skylar Diggins for being so dedicated and winning so many championships, even from an early age. Skylar Diggins net worth is certainly going to increase in the years to come and, soon, she will be one of the most renowned female basketball players in the world. The entire world will be at her feet.

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