Most dangerous roads in the world

Driving down the road can be a pleasure. If the road is mainly straight with few curves, you feel like a real pilot of Formula 1 when the foot becomes a force on the accelerator. Not all roads are equal. Some can scare even the more experienced driver. Today, we are going to show you what are the 7 most dangerous roads in the world and why you will never want to drive on them.

Test your driving skills on these roads

1. Road to Fairy Meadows, Nepal - If you are in Nepal and want to reach the Valley Fairy Meadows, we recommend you to arm yourself with courage, as it is one of the world's most dangerous roads. While it has an area of just 10 kilometers, these are worth for 100 kilometers, since it is really narrow and curvy. If you do not drive carefully while calculating, moving the wheel an inch more than necessary and you will end up at the bottom of a ravine.

Road to Fairy Meadows

2. Taroko Gorge, Taiwan - If you like roller coasters, you might want to drive down the road Taroko Gorge, located in Taiwan. Narrow, full of blind corners and violent turns, this road passes over cliffs and you must be precise to pass through the towering mountain edge. It is not recommended for anyone.
Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

3. James Dalton Road, Alaska - Imagine a long road in the middle of nowhere and if you look out the windows, you will only see snow and desolation. That is panorama of James Dalton Road in Alaska, which symbolically has an area of 666 kilometers. While it is straight in most of its sections, the wind makes stones flying over the road that sometimes hit cars. Due to the cold, the pavement is slippery. If you run into an accident, however small it was, you should pray that soon pass another vehicle, as it is not very busy road.
James Dalton Road,Alaska

4. Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines - A road in the middle of cities cannot be very complicated, but imagine driving in a place where no one respects the other and pedestrians, cyclists and animals are crossing over the road, while trying to reach the destination. Try to drive without crashing or running over someone or something. So-called Commonwealth Avenue is in the Philippines where traffic laws are not respected and the number of deaths per year is very high.
Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

5. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China - If you are the world's most accurate driver, the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China will be one of your top challenges because it is a very narrow road built by villagers. It is surrounded by high, winding mountain. The construction is not very good and instead of asphalt, you can see rocks and soil, which does not make very firm terrain. It is not good when you drive your vehicle into freefall trough high cliffs.
Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

6. Skipper's Canyon, New Zealand - To give you an idea of how dangerous the Skipper's Canyon Road is, it is enough to say that those who wish to drive on it, must obtain a special permit and have high skills as a driver. It is very close to an area where strong winds are present. Skipper's Canyon Road is full of dangerous curves, long climbs and descents, but perhaps your greatest challenge will be to avoid the vehicles coming in the opposite direction.
Skipper's Canyon, New Zealand

7.  Way to the Yungas, Bolivia - The most dangerous road in the world could not have a better nickname. It is the way to the Yungas in Bolivia, and is known as "The road of death," because many spend their last moments trying to overcome it. Very narrow roads are on the edge of a mountain. This not dangerous only for passing cars, but for trucks and buses as well. Do you feel like a good driver? These most dangerous roads in the world are a challenge for the most experienced drivers in the world

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