Laws that don’t make sense

Law of countries without significance

Laws that don’t make sense

While most laws are created to protect the interests of society, there are some that are just unexplainable, illogical, and even impractical- from laws concerning what food you may eat and when to laws defining the clothes. 

 Here are 10 extremely uncommon laws that don’t make sense:

  • For 5 years teenage girls were not allowed for having sex to prevent AIDS in Swaziland
King of Swaziland passed different laws for the protection of the citizens from the AIDS. For 5 years young women were need to put up some clothes as their status of their virginity. Teenage girls were need to wear yellow and blue clothing as the Swazi tradition. 
Laws that don’t make sense

  • Traffic Fines are calculated as per the percentage of the income of the Offender in Finland
Anssi Vanjoki, 44, a director of the Finnish telecommunications giant, Nokia, received what is believed to be the most expensive speeding ticket ever— $12.5 million — for driving his Harley at 75 km/h (47 mph) in a 50km/h (31 mph) zone.
Laws that don’t make sense

  • On the British Coast If the head of any dead whale is found then it becomes the property of the King, and the tail of the Queen.
    Laws that don’t make sense
    British Coast
  • In Canada Carpooling is not allowed
PickupPal which is Google Maps based networking site, with about 15000 registered users in Ontario that helps the carpool buddies. But most of the carpooling going on the PickupPal is illegal.

  • It's illegal to sell sex toys in the state of Alabama
It has a very strong penalty of up to year of a jail and a $10,000 fine for first offence. Second offence carries a prison sentence from 1 to 10 years.

  • At public places you are allowed to smoke cannabis but not tobacco in Netherlands
The bizarre Dutch policy of allowing smokers to puff away on pure cannabis but not tobacco has perplexed police in the Netherlands, who have fined a man for mixing the two substances. Zero tolerance to tobacco smoking in Dutch cafes and restaurants is being exercised since a ban came into force in 2008.
Laws that don’t make sense
No Tabacco

  • Brazilian men allowed returning non-virgin brides
            A country which is famous for its hot carnivals, from 1916 until 2002, men were able to get an annulment up to ten days after the wedding if they discover there wife was not a virgin before marriage.

  • It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament in England
The reason people are banned from dying in parliament is that it is a Royal palace. Anyone who dies there is technically entitled to a state funeral.

Laws that don’t make sense
House of Parliament

  • Yellow margarine is illegal in Missouri, US
Although the state no longer enforces them, the penalties could still make dealers in contraband dairy product toast: up to a month in jail and a $100 fine for first-time offenders and six months in jail and a $500 fine for repeat offenders. Enforcement of the law falls to the state Agriculture Department, and officials there didn't know when someone was last prosecuted under it. Case records from the late 19th and early 20th century show that Missouri courts upheld the constitutionality of the restrictions in several appeals.
Laws that don’t make sense

  • Tibetan monks need permission to reincarnate
China banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission. According to a statement issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs in 2007, the law, which strictly stipulates the procedures by which one is to reincarnate, is "an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation.

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