Hidden stories of 10 mummies revealed over time

Hidden stories of 10 mummies revealed over time

It is possible that when you studied, you had learned something about the famous Egyptian mummies. However, following the mummies, there are some hidden stories behind them. From Egypt to England, mummies recall dark and strange past. It may be hard to believe, but many years after the death of these people, they are still telling stories. Do you think the dead tell no tales? Well, think again!

1. Eva Peron -
     The wife of
legendary Argentine President Juan Peron died on July 26, 1952 at the age of 33 years due to cancer. Peron instructed Dr. Ara that Evita Peron's remains should be preserved so they could be displayed to the citizens. After that, Eva Peron's body remains missing for 15 years. In 1976, dictator Jorge Rafael Videla ordered the transfer of the mummy to the Duarte family vault in the cemetery of La Recoleta. Evita was buried under a thick steel plate, six feet deep.
Eva Peron

2. The Maiden -  
    This carefully preserved Inca girl was 15 when she died. She was probably a sacrifice victim. The mummy is over 500 years old. It was discovered in 1999 along with two other children in the Llullaillaco in Argentina. Recent studies have found unusual traces of cocaine and alcohol used by the child. What is not clear is whether this consumption was due to the anxiety that suffered the girl or was it part of the ritual. It is believed that the girl died of hypothermia and there were found no signs of violence or disease.
The Maiden

3. The wet mummy
    While the ground was excavated during construction of a road in China in 2011, workers discovered the body of a woman who had lived 600 years ago, during the Ming Dynasty. Her name was wet mummy because, despite the wet conditions where the mummy was, it had very well preserved skin and hair was intact. There were various objects around the mummy like a jade ring on her middle finger, and a silver pin still attached to her hair. It was extraordinary discovery due to climatic and environmental conditions. Archaeologists believe that mummification happened because of natural process based on the lack of oxygen.
The wet mummy

4. The Grauballe Man -
     In 1952 several mummified bodies were discovered in Denmark, but none as well preserved and with such discernible features. Mummy corresponds to a person who was about 30 years old. It happened more than 2,000 years ago probably after a ritual sacrifice if judging by the deep wound on the neck of the mummy.
The Grauballe Man

5. English Tutankhamun -  
    After the death of an Englishmen Allan Billis due to lung cancer in 2011, his remains were donated to science and became the first body to be mummified in the style of ancient Egypt. When reporters asked the widow how she felt, she said: "I am the only woman in the country with a mummy of her husband."
English Tutankhamun

6. Ramses III -  
    We all know that the bodies of dead people in ancient Egypt were naturally mummified. However, the mummy of Ramses III reveals that he did not die naturally. He was the victim of a murder. The marks on his throat prove it, and many historians believe that he was murdered by his own sons.
Ramses III

7. Princess Ukok -
    After 2500 years, this Siberian woman still has the tattoo with which she decorated her body during the life. The body belongs to a young woman between 25 and 28 years old who lived 2,500 years ago. She belonged to a nomadic tribe, the Pazyryk tribe that roamed the mountains of Siberia.
Princess Ukok

8. Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov
    Itigilov spent his life as a Buddhist Buryat lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, beginning his spiritual journey at age 16. In 1927, he told his disciples that the time had come to go to the afterlife and asked them to join him in meditation. He died during meditation and was buried shortly afterwards in a pine box, sitting upright in the lotus position. Since then, his body was exhumed twice. Although his remains were not subjected to any process of mummification, the body looked like someone who passed 36 hours ago instead of the nearly 100 years ago when he actually died.
Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov

9. The Franklin expedition mummies -
     Hoping to find the Northwest Passage in 1845, an expedition of more than 100 men sailed to the New World. John Torrington, John Hartnell and William Braine were buried at Beechey Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Five years later, the remains of the three individuals were discovered. In 1984, anthropologists traveled to the ice island and exhumed the bodies of these men whose bodies were preserved extremely well due to the intense cold. The researchers found the cause of the deaths. Extreme climatic conditions caused pneumonia and poisoning probably due to faulty water purification system on the vessel.
The Franklin expedition mummies

10. A mummified fetus inside mother -  
      In 1955, the Moroccan woman Aboutalib Zahra went to the hospital to give birth to her first child. When told she would need a caesarean, she panicked and left the hospital. Later, the baby died in her womb and she continued to refuse to withdraw it. Nearly 50 years later, she went back to the hospital. Doctors found something they thought was a tumor but they discovered that it was the calcified remain of the baby. This type of mummification is extremely rare. Only 300 similar cases have been documented.
A mummified fetus inside mother


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