Facts less known about women

Weird facts about Women

Women have always remained a puzzle for everyone out there. But there are some weird facts to them which are less known to men and even women for that matter. These facts are the outcomes of various researches carried out on women across the world. Let us explore, the womanhood some more deeply

  • 20,000 words a day: 

A woman can only speak around twenty thousand words per day. While an average man can speak almost 13, 000 less words i.e. just 7, 000 words a day. Try and note down each and every single word the woman in your life speaks! It’s not just difficult, rather impossible.
20,000 words a day

  • 47 hours 15 minutes:  

If you share your secret with a woman, then beware she can only keep it a secret for just 47 hours and 15 minutes. So next time, you want to share your covert with a woman so do not expect the same to remain a secret. 

47 hours 15 minutes

  • Addiction of newborn’s smell:  

A woman gets excited with the smell of a newborn baby exactly like a drug addict enjoys after he satisfies his craving for drugs. This is the only reason why women love being around new born babies and adore them so much. 
Addiction of newborn’s smell

  • What to wear is a mess:  

As per a study, a woman spends a year to decide the dressing she wants to wear for an occasion, wedding, interview, or on a casual day. So men, this is the only reason why women take so long to ready.
What to wear is a mess

  • Crying is the powerful weapon: 

 In a study, it was revealed that a woman cries almost 30 – 64 times a year which is almost 5 times more than the crying capacity of an average man. A man cries 6 to 17 times in a year. 

  • Strange symptoms of Heart Attack: 

 A woman does not experience chest pain when gets a heart attack; instead she suffers from nausea, indigestion and achy shoulders. These symptoms are strange as men go through the severe chest pain. 

Strange symptoms of Heart Attack

  • Heartbeat rate difference:  
A human heart in a man’s body beats slower than a human heart in a woman’s body. This is the reason why a woman gets stressed more than a man and even gets more panic attack than man. 
  • Menstruation is a pain:  
As per records and study, a woman spends almost 4 years of her life in menstruating and undergoing all that shitty and painful stuff.
  • Taste matters:
 A woman has more taste buds than a man. A woman can experience more different tastes than man. They can taste sour, bitter, sweet, salty, spicy, sweet – salty, and many more. 
  •  Shopaholics:  
Woman love to shop. In fact, they believe in ‘Shop till you Drop’. Being at the shopping complex, they feel most controlled and being powerful. They can shop for hours and hours without even getting tired. They will buy the useful stuff, less required stuff, to be used less stuff and even not at all require stuff. Phew! It’s difficult to understand women.

  • Women are not liars:  
Women are blamed to be lying and hiding the true facts, but the reality is women lie half a time than men. Men lie 6 times every day which is almost twice as women. So, next time beware when you call a woman liar. Because, how many lies she utters, they all would be less than a man. 
Women are not liars

  • High heels are masculine matter:
 High heels which are considered to be the most feminine thing these days were actually first worn by men in 16th century. Despite, the fact that heels are feminine; they were initially worn be women to boast their masculine character. Strange! Isn’t it.

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